How to Keep Your Shoes From Aggravating Your Athlete’s Foot

Do you secretly suffer from athlete’s foot? Then it’s very important for you to make sure that your footwear won’t make the problem worse. In this article, you will come across some very helpful tips on keeping your athlete’s foot from being aggravated by your shoes.

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Allow Your Shoes to Air Dry

Nothing can make your athlete’s foot worsen more than wearing a wet or moist pair of shoes — the fungus that’s behind your athlete’s foot loves to thrive in warm and moist places.

It’s exactly for this reason why you should allow your shoes to air dry completely before putting them on again. The drying process can be accelerated when your footwear is placed under direct sunlight. It’s definitely a good idea to allow your shoes to dry outside your home where it can come into contact with fresh air and the sun.

Spray Some Diluted White Vinegar

Want to ensure that the shoes you are allowing to dry will be completely fungus-free? Spray some white vinegar inside them to zap any fungus that can exacerbate your athlete’s foot as soon as they get reunited with the gang. Other than killing off fungus, white vinegar is also very good at eliminating bad odor.

All you need to do is grab a small spray bottle. Fill half of it with white vinegar, and then top off with distilled water. Shake and spray before you leave your shoes to dry.

Have More Than a Pair

You may be tempted to put on your shoes even if they’re not yet entirely dry. This is a complete no-no because it can keep you from putting that athlete’s foot under control.

This is the reason why it is a good idea for you to have more than just one pair of shoes — it will let you have something to wear as you wait for the pair that you just wore to dry thoroughly. If you are a gym or fitness buff who works out every day, then it’s definitely recommended for you to devote at least two pairs of shoes for exercising.

Wear Clean Socks All the Time

There is no point in putting on a pair of perfectly dry and deodorized shoes if your socks are dirty! And if they are also moist with your sweat, you can rest assured that your athlete’s foot will be aggravated. The importance of wearing a clean pair of socks in managing athlete’s foot cannot be stressed enough!

It’s a good idea for you to go for cotton socks as they permit your feet to “breathe”, and this can help keep your feet dry which the fungus behind your athlete’s foot doesn’t like.

Stay Dry With Baking Soda

Keeping your feet dry is one of the most important steps that you have to take in order to win the war against athlete’s foot. Aside from putting on clean socks and dry shoes, you may also dust some baking soda on your feet.

After taking a shower or bath, dry your feet very well. Afterwards, dust some baking soda on them — make sure that you got every nook and cranny covered, especially the areas between your toes. Baking soda is not only very good at keeping your feet dry, but also smelling nice as it’s a superb deodorizer.

When dealing with athlete’s foot, don’t just focus on your feet where the problem is — also consider your shoes because they can actually keep you from being free from athlete’s foot if they’re constantly moist.

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