How to Love the Exercises You Hate

In an ideal world, people will find themselves sticking to the exercises that they love. Your Zumba class will always have room that is offered at exactly the right moment and that the new girlfriend of your ex-boyfriend will be miles away from it at all times. However, this doesn’t usually happen. What’s more, what’s good for you may not be that enjoyable. As a matter of fact, only a handful of people love to do squats or running.

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Here are a few ways for you to learn how to love the exercises that you really hate when your willpower is no longer enough.

  • Join a 30 Day Challenge. For example, your personal trainer wants you to do more planks. This can be a problem especially if you’re having a hard time getting yourself off the floor without some dignity and a few tears. Try searching Facebook for plank challenges for 30 days or download an app that is somewhat the same. These challenges will push you to add little by little to your exercise until you become a master after a month is up. There’s actually one for every exercise that people hate like pushups, squats, and planks. Before you begin your 30 day challenge, make sure that you think of what you’re going to treat yourself after the challenge.
  • Walk to Your Food. If you’re planning on getting brunch, why not choose an eatery that is a few miles away from your home then walk to it. Think about it as “urban hike.” Just keep in mind that walking to your convenience store won’t exactly burn the calories that you get from an ice cream sandwich.
  • Turn It into a Game. You have to admit that running can be a bit boring. Running away from zombies? Well, that gives it a unique spin. The app called “Zombies Run” and others that are similar in nature, can transform your runs into a game. The apps have built in interval training where you need to do sprints to outrun the hordes of zombies. Hey, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Join 5K. Look for a 5k run that sounds like fun. It’s actually quite popular these days, between foam runs, color runs, and other runs that have crazy themes. Ask your friends to join you then start preparing. While logging the miles you’ve run, just imagine how good it must feel once you reach the finish line.
  • Be Accountable. Have you ever considered waking up early to head to the gym and do a bit of running before you work? Most people just think about it. You will be more successful if you ask your buddy to join you. If you’re a bit competitive, look for a few co-workers or friends who are willing to pitch in dollars to a pool. All of you should then set your own exercise goals and whoever reaches the goal they set for themselves, can have split the pot. Another idea is to begin your own blog so you’ll be able to see your progress and invite your family and friends to follow you. If you’re not into sharing with public you can always start with your own journal for exercise. Monitor your progress daily. It’s actually easier to run that mile rather than making up excuses on not doing it.
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