How to Make Weight Loss a Habit

There are days when you wish you can skip another day of exercise just to be able to sleep longer, or you want to simply relax and binge watch your favorite shows, but then you remember your New Year’s resolution to lose weight. How come losing weight is starting to become an ordeal?

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Truth is, weight loss shouldn’t be such a troublesome experience because there are ways when you can lose those stubborn fats without you even thinking too much about it. Sounds good? Here are a few tips that you should know.

Baby steps

It is understandable that you’ll feel overwhelmed with the task of shedding those stubborn fats, especially when it involves having to change your routine. But you don’t have to go all out overnight because you won’t be able to sustain it in the long run. Always start small when you are doing a new routine. For example, you can start by taking a 10-minute walk every day, then do 20 minutes the following week.


Most of us are guilty of using the word “try” when we want to lose weight. We try to avoid eating sweets, we try to stay away from ordering take outs, we try to do this and that. When we “try”, it becomes 50/50, meaning that you are giving yourself an out if you give in to eating those sweet and calorie laden desserts that you know are not good for you. If you really want to put a halt to your weight gain, and start losing weight, you will need to make a firm decision. This means that you are going to do what you set out to do and keep at it. There are no half measures.

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Stick to a meal routine

Another tip on how you can make weight loss a habit is to have a meal routine, where you will be eating your breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a specific time every day. This helps you avoid snacking on those chips and chocolates that you have squirreled away in your desk.

Practice caution when it comes to your portions

What else can you do to make weight loss a habit? Well, the size of your portions during meal times should be something that you need to look into. Eating on a large plate may make you pile up more food, because of the space available. Changing to a smaller plate can help reduce the number of calories you are eating for sure. It would also help if you have some water and waiting for a few minutes to see if you are still hungry before you get that second serving.

Stay focused when you eat

Most of us are guilty of being distracted when we eat, hence we often go for seconds or thirds during meal times because our mind is not able to pick up the cues that we are already full. If you want to be able to reduce your consumption of food, then pay attention to the food in front of you, and chew slowly. This will not only help you appreciate the flavor of the food, but you’ll also be more aware of whether your stomach is full or not.

Take breaks from sitting

Our work makes us spend most of our time tied to our desk. Unfortunately, sitting for hours puts us at risk of various health issues which we need to address.  A good rule of thumb is to take breaks every few hours and go for walks or stretches. This will help get the blood flowing once more.

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