How To Make Your Hands Look Younger

Most women spend their hard-earned cash on maintaining their skin, purchasing anti-aging products and getting youthful haircut. You may see a change in your appearance but if you look at your hands, it is a different story altogether.

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According to skin experts, the hands are areas of the body most neglected at. They are also the areas where signs of visible aging occurs. Creases, dark spots, and bulging veins on the back of the hands are signs that your hands age.

What causes your hands to age?
If our face is exposed to harmful effects of UV rays, the same holds true with our hands. It is also exposed to sunlight and other photoaging effects. Most dermatologists tell that many of us do not treat our hands the same protection and care as we do for the face. Most of us do not apply sunblock at the back of the hands.

That simple thing of not applying sun protection can leave our hands look even older, with wrinkles and ages spots. Skin experts tell that the skin on the back of our hands are thinner than on our face and neck. That is why our hands are really prone to age rapidly.

As we reach old age, the skin gets thinner. However, if we are to check the backs of the hands, the skin on those areas are already thin. Any loss of fat underneath is noticeable, with loose and wrinkly skin. Likewise, the skin on the hands, when it continues to get thin, dark spots and pigmentation starts to appear, while veins and tendons are becoming too noticeable.

Here are other bad habits that we make that causing our hands to age.

Washing our hands with harsh soaps.

  • Don’t just wash your hands with any kind of soap available. Use gentler cleanser to wash away dirt and retains pH. This will make your hands feel soft and not dry after washing.
  • If you are washing plates or doing laundry, your hands are exposed to harsh chemicals from laundry soaps and dishwashing liquids. When you do any of these chores, make sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Too much washing of hands.

  • Exposing your hands to water can damage the hands, too. If you need to disinfect your hands like medical practitioners do on a daily basis, ensure that you put on hand moisturizer with emollient or humectant properties to retain moisture and prevent the skin of the hands from drying.

Excessive use of hand sanitizer.

  • Yes, hand sanitizer is not gentle to your hands. This product is composed of alcohol that strips not only dirt and germs but also its natural moisture, making your hands appear dry and wrinkly.
  • If you cannot avoid the use of sanitizer, better use it on the palms so the backs of your hands will be spared from damage sanitizer can do.

Too engrossed with gel manicures.

  • Gel manicures look good on our nails. However, the glowing blue lights that the hands undergo when setting your gel polish, harms your delicate skin of the hands.
  • Those UV lights are the similar to sun emitted rays. Better, skip gel and get a basic manicure, instead. Your hands will thank you for taking care of it in the long run.

If you want to keep your hands as young as possible, here are suggested hand professional treatments you can do to care for your hands.

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Plumping treatments

  • This treatment replaces the lost fat under the top layer of the skin on the backs of the hands with a filler. This treatment is good for hiding bulging veins and tendons, and diminishing the wrinkly look of our hands.
  • To make the skin of your hands look plumper, your hands will be injected with either fat taken from your own fat cell known as analogous fat or man-made filler known as Restylane.

The process: If you opt for the use of your own fat as filler, the doctors will use thin needle to extract a tiny amount of fat from your thighs or buttocks. The fat will be injected through a tiny hole made on top of the wrist.
If you want Restylane, the filler is injected the same way done to analogous fat. After the procedure, you can go back to normal work routine because this treatment has no down time.

Expected results: Fuller, less wrinkled hands. The results last from six to nine months when you use Restylane filler while three years or more for fat filler.

Laser treatments

  • Depending on what hand concerns you need to address, there are several types of laser treatment that can be used.
  • If you want to tighten loose skin, the combination of TITAN and Cool Touch lasers are best recommended. This treatment produces new collagen, tightens the dermis and tighten the skin.
    For addressing brown spots, Alexandrite laser beam and YAG laser can remedy that skin problem.

Expected results:
For skin tightening treatments, results will appear gradually over the weeks and months; however, no scabbing and no down time.
For brown spot treatments, there will be a formation of small, little scabs which will disappear within a week, leaving you with no scars.

Sclerotherapy and Laser Ablation

  • Both treatments are recommended to remove unsightly and bulging veins in the back of the hands.
    To hide larger veins, you can opt for fat injections to plump the area around the vein to make these unsightly veins go unnoticeable.

The process:
For sclerotherapy: A mild irritant is injected into the vein to block the blood supply and cause it to shrink.
For laser ablation: A beam of light is utilized to achieve similar goal like that of sclerotherapy.

Expected results: Both treatments do not have down time, but they take several weeks to see the better results. These treatments are better used to hide tiny and superficial veins or to eliminate spider veins.

Chemical peels

  • To get rid of brown and age spots, chemical peel burns away the top layer of the skin. This is the safe way to lighten pigmentation on the skin’s hands.

Expected results: After the treatment, redness and irritation occur but these manifested signs will subside within few days. However, if you have sensitive or very thin skin, there is a high risk of scarring.

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