How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller: 4 Basic Approaches

While some are spending an hour or two applying the perfect nose line to make their noses look bigger, some are actually contouring their way to achieve smaller-looking ones. There’s only one secret to doing this and that is “emphasis.” We have compiled guides to four simple approaches on how to make that humongous beak at the center of your face look more like a human nose. These guides are arranged according to the level of difficulty, with number one deemed as the “expert level.”

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Not just any kind of contouring but EXPERT-level contouring. Contouring per se is an art which, when done by a beginner can be a bit scary and sloppy. However, perfecting this art is also much like realizing an artist in you is born. It works magic when used in all the right places.

If you’re having a difficult time contouring, don’t lose hope for there are actually ways on making a natural-looking contour without so much of a fuss.

The first thing you have to remember is to stay subtle in the makeup you apply. Then make sure to have the right products such as a dark and light contouring cream to create shadow and highlight illusions in particular areas you wish to emphasize. Choose matte over shimmery contouring shades to achieve a more natural-looking effect. Remember to match the shade of your contouring products to your/your subject’s skin tone. Choose a hue that is two or three shades darker than your skin. We also prefer creams but powder can work as well, though the latter is a bit more complicated to use.

If you wish to achieve a simple contour, just draw two straight lines using dark makeup along the sides of your nose. Then apply a line of highlighter on the center. Blend these together and add more, depending on the look you wish to achieve.

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After contouring, check what you have done outside, under the sunlight to make sure you don’t look cartoonish before heading out.


Aside from contouring, adding some bronze onto your skin also helps put emphasis on all the right places of your face. Using an eyeliner brush, simply apply the bronzer or brown eye shadow to the sides of your nose bridge. Then, use brush or a makeup sponge to sweep away the lines from your nose. After blending it all in, apply a highlighter or white eye shadow at the center of your nose. Bronzing can also make your face a bit less plump.


If you’re in a rush and don’t have time for the complicated contouring or bronzing approaches, you can simply gloss over any flaws that your nose have. To do this, create a matte skin tone. This approach will keep people’s attention on your eyes and lips and—of course—away from your nose. For better results, use a primer. Look for one with a sort of green undertone if you have reddish nose and do not wish to be called Rudolph on your way to work. You may also apply a pore minimizer if you have a strawberry-like nose, and then cover it all up with foundation. For oily noses, simply dab a bit of matte powder.


If you’re no better than a child in using make up, simply use distraction to take the focus away from your freakishly large beak. If you have tantalizing eyes, emphasize them with a smoky-eye effect or some jewel-toned liners. You may also add a quick coat of mascara. To take the attention further from your nose, choose a bold color for your lipstick.

NOTE: Always remember to keep your makeup soft because no matter how much you wish to make your nose look smaller, you wouldn’t want to overdo it and be known as the clown-ish or cartoon-ish girl instead.

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