How to Overcome Negative Weight Loss Mindset

No matter what your diet plan, your workout schedule or supplements and protein shakes your taking, none of it will get you your goal of weight loss when you have a negative mindset. Having a positive mindset and determination can help you lose weight more than any weight loss plan ever will.

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Weight loss is a long battle with yourself, maintaining a stable positive mindset during your weight loss journey is important. Most of us have internal weight loss battle that start from our mind and not in our body. Some people gain weight due to health problems or certain medication. Some people gain weight because of the voice in their head that constantly tell them to eat or constantly degrade their self-esteem. This voice inside your head never really goes away, it is up to you to change the words that it is saying. Giving this voice a positive tone can make a whole lot of difference.

“You’re not going to finish that 1 mile, just sleep in.” “Eat that fried chicken, just burn it off tomorrow.” ”You’re going to be overweight forever, why bother” No, No, No stop right there. This way of thinking is just going to make things harder for you. Let’s fix your negative mindset and turn it into a motivational thinking.

It’s time for change!
“I’ll workout tomorrow or next week or the week after that.” No, workout today! As soon as you get the thought workout, while you have motivation and desire workout. Eat healthy and start today, not tomorrow or the next day. How do you expect to lose weight if you keep saying tomorrow? It takes approximately 4 weeks to see a significant change in your body. If you start today that is one less day to weight loss.

If I do this Fad Diet I’ll lose 10 pounds
“I’m going to try that 5 day diet of blah, blah, blah.” Yes fad diets, weight loss pills and other seasonal weight loss trend can help you shed a few pounds, but what is the point of the diet if you’re going to gain it all back in a week or two. This is how the yo-yo weight effect happens, prevent this by actually following a healthier lifestyle. No, three day diet and going back to greasy pizza or fatty burger soon after.

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Negative Eating Habits
“I feel bad, I need to eat” Most of the time we eat not because we feel hunger, but because we like the comfort it brings. It removes boredom, lowers stress, lessen sadness, regardless of the negative effects of the food it brings to the body. This is how negative eating habits begin and unhealthy relationship with food start. We start to think of food as something we need to have to feel better. Habits like this are hard to break, but we have to disassociate food with feeling good. Stress, boredom and other emotions can be causing your negative eating habits, first things first you have to determine what emotion triggers you. When you find your triggers it is easier to distinguish hunger from emotional eating.

What’s The Point?
“I’ve tried to go on a diet twice and failed, why bother?” That’s your brain making an excuse for you again. There is a point, and that is to be healthier. That nonsense you’re spitting out is not going to help anybody. You are just starting your road to self-destruction again. You can do it, set backs are normal. There will be days that you will feel that everything is hopeless and there is no point to what you’re doing. Don’t listen to that voice, because you can do it. You’ll become a better and healthier person with your hard work. Nothing you do is pointless.

Calorie Restriction
“I need to stop eating to lose weight.” NO, starvation, fasting and other unhealthy habits will not help you. We need food to survive, food to keep our brain functioning and our body from moving. Without food we lose the energy to do anything. Specifically the ability to keep a strong will towards weight loss and energy to actually workout. Lowering calorie intake means eliminating empty calories and unhealthy food from your diet, not staying hungry all the time.

Social Acceptance
“They’ll like me if I lose weight” If they don’t like you the way you are with or without the weight then they don’t deserve to be in your life. Weight loss isn’t about being liked or loved. It’s about being happy and healthy in your skin. Other people opinions don’t matter.

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