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How to Properly Store Nuts and Seeds

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Today you will learn that storing nuts, almonds, and seeds on whatever jar you’ve picked is wrong. Different types of nut require the correct storage container to which they would be stored into.

If the nuts and seeds are placed in the freezer, you can store them for a maximum of one year or more. If they are in the refrigerator, then it’s six months. If they are at room temperature, then it’s three months the least.

The main goal here is to keep moisture off of the nuts’ oils. Mason jars or whatever air-tight containers should do the trick easily. Plastic bags are just not good. You need a non-permeable container because nuts absorb odors in the surroundings with absolute ease. In addition, excessive light also damage nuts. They should be somewhere dark, dry, and cool.

Exposure to too much heat causes the nuts to go rancid faster. It is a requirement that they are frozen or refrigerated. Alternatively, keep them at temperatures below 70 Fahrenheit. They’re fine on your shelf for the majority of the year but be sure to transfer the containers to the fridge during summer.

There isn’t a scientific study that could show hard evidence but it has been demonstrated that salted nuts do not last as longer as unsalted nuts.

Don’t put all your work in storage. You need to have the brains on how to correctly purchase nuts. From now on, buy them raw and in bulks. Grounded, toasted or chopped nuts would cause them to release oil, automatically requiring you to act immediately. Whereas if you buy them raw, you somewhat have full control. Toast your own nuts, grind your own nuts, and it is guaranteed that it will taste better.

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One last things, walnuts, peanuts, and pecans tend to spoil earlier than other types of nuts. While almonds and cashews are the opposite; they usually spoil the last. Before cooking nuts, make it a point to ensure that the taste is still good. Those without shells do not last as long as nuts that does have shells.

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