Identifying The Right Nail Shape

If your manicurist asks you on what shape do you want for your nails, do not settle for something that only gives you comfort. You should choose the shape that flatters your fingers. According to nail experts, proportion is essential, as this will create shape that elongates and accentuates your nails.

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What are other things you should consider in deciding for your nail shape? One is your lifestyle. Two is your personal taste. Three is the size and shape of your fingers and nail beds. Among the three, it is better to consider your lifestyle. If you have super active lifestyle, go for shorter, square nails. This is to prevent scratching your skin and injuring your nails.

In deciding the right nail shape, it is also good to complement your hands with the appropriate nail shape makes your hands look beautiful to look at.

Here are nail shapes that suits your size of your fingers as well as when is the perfect time to wear these kinds of nail shape.

Regular-shaped nails:

This shape is perfect for those with short and wide nails as well as those who bite their nails. The shape extends slightly past your nail bed, maintaining its natural shape.

Good for short nails, too, square nail can be achieved by requesting for a square shape with the tip filed flat. This shape does not take so much effort to maintain.

This nail shape is very appropriate for those who have longer or shorter yet wider nails who desire a slimmer, more feminine in appearance. This makes your hands appear longer and slender in appearance.

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Combination-shaped nails:

Rounded square
This shape is a little less intense than its more geometric counterpart. When manicured, this shape maintains its beauty and great for simple nail art.

The combination of squared-shape and oval-shaped nails, this shapes provides length and contour. Squoval nails have finer and oval edges than square nails. It is good for long and slim fingers as it shows edgy and elegant look, providing an illusion that your hands are a bit wide. It is also appropriate for those with short and slim fingers, making them look wider and longer.

Unconventional nail shapes:

Take your oval-shaped nails to the next level by trying almond nails. The shape is narrow and ending at a rounded tip, making your hands elongated and looking more slender in appearance. This shape is best for long yet wider nails. Likewise, this shape also goes well with short and slim fingers as this shape gives and illusion that your nails are longer.

If you want your nails to look cool, this shape is your right choice. However, stiletto-shaped nails have long and pointy talons that it can be hard to do some daily routines having this kind of nail shape.
This unconventional nail shape is good for those with naturally long and sturdy nails. The look is similar to almond nail with tip filed flat. Imagine the shape of ballet shoe to your nails.

A funky shape nail that is appropriate for special events. This is a long square nail with the tip filed at an angle, similar to lipstick. Make sure you do not wear contacts.

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