Important Matters You Need to Know About Necrozoospermia

When all the sperm cells ejaculated by a male are dead or immobile, it is referred to as necrozoospermia. Also known as necrospermia, it is regarded as an uncommon condition. This is exactly the reason why health authorities are still unsure on how to deal with it properly.

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Proper Diagnosis
Proper diagnosis is essential in order to determine whether or not you have necrozoospermia. It’s not uncommon for a wrong diagnosis to be made especially if the semen sample is collected in the improper manner. For instance, using lubricant with spermicidal properties during masturbation to have the specimen collected can cause the semen to die. Similarly, a dirty container may contaminate the sperm, potentially causing all of them to get exterminated by the time that they are observed under a microscope. Evidently, proper collection of the semen sample is crucial to proper diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis is made, it is a good idea to have the examination done again for confirmation. Experts recommend for it to be done in a different and more reliable laboratory, the kind which is in a medical facility providing intensive male infertility treatment and care.

Providing a sequential ejaculate is highly recommended. A sequential ejaculate means a secondary sperm sample obtained about an hour after the first one has been collected. Often, it will contain a few more live or mobile sperm cells than the first because the semen this time around is more recently manufactured than the first sample.

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Common Causes
After the confirmation of necrozoospermia through laboratory testing of the semen sample, the root cause of the problem is determined. There are different potential causes of necrozoospermia. They are the following:

  1. Infections and inflammatory conditions – The presence of an infection may cause the microbes to consume the vitamins and minerals necessitated by the sperm for longevity. Also, it’s not unlikely for the normal pH levels to be altered. Disorders such as prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) and orchitis (inflammation of one testicle or both) oftentimes can be blamed for necrozoospermia.
  1. Decreased prostatic fluid – Prostatic fluid is a slightly alkaline fluid that is secreted by the prostate gland, and it forms part of the semen — about 30% of it. With decreased prostatic fluid, a lot of sperm cells will fail to get liquefied. This results in the limited activity of the sperm cells or even their death.
  1. Too much abnormal sperm present – Having over 50% of the sperm cells in an ejaculate is medically known as abnormal sperm polycythemia. Naturally, abnormal sperm cells have lesser survival rate than their healthier and normal counterparts.
  1. Impaired sperm motility – The main source of energy of the sperm cells is fructose. Having sufficient amounts of fructose in the ejaculate provides the sperm with sufficient amounts of energy to remain motile and alive. Reduced fructose in the semen may not only cause decreased sperm motility but also increased rate of death of the sperm cells. Aside from deficiency in fructose, medical authorities say that insufficient amounts of vitamin E may also impair the motility of sperm cells.

Necrozoospermia Treatment
As earlier mentioned, necrozoospermia is an uncommon condition, and that is why the experts still do not know how best to manage the problem. They can, however, deal with the condition simply by attempting to treat the root cause, provided that it is determined properly.

For instance, if the death of sperm cells is caused by conditions such as prostatitis and orchitis, they should be treated first. Such can be commonly done with the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs as well as diuretics to help flush out the agents causing the infection and inflammation. A healthy diet may also be prescribed in order to provide the sperm cells with the kinds of nutrients they need in order to stay alive and motile for a long time.

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