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Improve Your Health Simply by Massaging 6 Sensitive Points on Your Feet

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Throughout your body, there are billions of nerve endings. It is said that stimulating some of them can have a huge impact on your overall health. Stimulation can be carried out by massaging or applying pressure on these nerve endings.

According to foot reflexologists, there are certain sensitive points on your feet that, when stimulated, can have all sorts of positive effects on your blood circulation, blood pressure and hormone levels. It is also said to be very good at lowering stress as well as relieving insomnia. Practitioners of foot reflexology add that massaging these points can help deal with problems such as body aches and pains, kidney stones, diabetes and even osteoarthritis!

Are you ready to improve your health and at the same time enjoy the rapturous pleasure getting the foot massaged brings? Read on. The following are 6 sensitive points on your feet that can alter your life simply by having them stimulated:

The Big Toe

Do you dream of having a slimmer body? All you have to do is massage your big toe. According to foot reflexologists, doing this will help in keeping you from having a voracious appetite. So the next time you come across a mouth-watering hamburger or slice of pepperoni pizza, you know what to do.

The Big Toe’s Base

Everyone knows that the likes of having a bath, writing in your journal or listening to music are great stress-busters. But are you aware that massaging the base of your big toe can help ease pressure and tension too? The nicest thing about stimulating this part of your foot to combat stress is it also promotes a healthy thyroid gland, something which suffers when you are constantly stressed.

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The Center of Your Foot

Another thing that you may do to help deal with stress is massaging or stimulating the central part of each foot where so many nerve endings gather. According to the proponents of foot reflexology, it not only helps you attain relaxation but also improves your breathing. That’s because it has a positive impact on the diaphragm, a dome-shaped muscle that helps your lungs inflate and deflate during breathing.

The Central Portion of the Big Toe

Stimulating this part of your big toe is said to have a favorable impact on the pituitary gland. Also called the master gland, this pea-sized structure in your brain is responsible for controlling the other glands in your body. A simple and relaxing way to normalize your hormone levels is by applying pressure or massaging the big toe’s central portion.

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The Region Next to the Heel

Experts in foot reflexology say that massaging this area helps in the removal of poisonous substances that have accumulated within you. That’s because this relaxing solution stimulates the body’s excretory system. Do this regularly and include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet to attain detoxification.

The Inner Border of the Foot

Always feeling tired and listless? Maybe you just have to stimulate your adrenal glands that secrete adrenaline! To have your body energized, try massaging the inner borders of your feet because, according to foot reflexologists, these areas have nerves that are linked to the adrenal glands.

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