Indian Home Remedies to Lower Cholesterol

So your doctor just told you that your total blood cholesterol is kind of high, as revealed by the lipid profile or lipid panel that you recently had. It’s not unlikely, too, for your doctor to tell you to take statins, which are drugs designed for reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. While they are very good at doing what they’re made for, statins are notorious for producing a number of side effects, and liver damage is one of them.

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If you wish to take your total blood cholesterol to within the healthy range, this article is for you. Below you will come across some of the best remedies for high cholesterol from India, the very place where Ayurveda was born thousands and thousands of years ago. And after reading this article, share it on your social media sites so that your family and friends who wish to tackle high cholesterol in an all-natural fashion may come across this, too!

Take Holy Basil Tea

So many listings of Ayurvedic home remedies for a number of health problems mention tulsi. Outside of India, this herb is referred to as holy basil. Once or twice a day, allow 2 to 3 fresh tulsi leaves to steep in hot water for a few minutes, and then strain and consume. You may also get your hands on dried tulsi from the nearest Asian grocer.

Numerous Mediterranean and Italian recipes also call for the use of basil. If you want to lower your bad cholesterol levels, simply whip up some of those dishes and replace basil with tulsi.

Brew a Cup of Turmeric Tea

Another tea that you may count on to enjoy normal total blood cholesterol levels is something that’s out of turmeric. All you need to do is dissolve half a teaspoon of turmeric in a cup of hot water. Feel free to add a little honey or freshly-squeezed lemon juice to make the cholesterol-lowering drink taste so much better.

Other than brewing a cup of turmeric tea, you may also simply sprinkle turmeric anywhere you can. You can add a little of it to your vegetable salad, soup, stew or even a glass of your favorite non-dairy milk, like soy or almond milk.

Just Have Some Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a popular Ayurvedic remedy for high bad cholesterol, so it’s something that you may count on if taking statins is not an option — of course after you have been given the go signal by your doctor. Antioxidants in freshly-squeezed lemon juice keeps cholesterol in the food you eat from ending up stuck on your arterial walls.

There are plenty of ways to add lemon juice to your everyday diet to put high cholesterol in check. Some wonderful examples include squeezing it onto your bowl of veggie salad or turning it into refreshing juice.

Go Have Garlic

Every single day, try swallowing 2 to 3 fresh cloves of garlic. According to Ayurvedic healers, garlic contains certain compounds that are capable of breaking down bits of cholesterol that have stuck to the inner lining of the arteries in order for them to be removed from the body.

If you have acid reflux, swallowing fresh garlic cloves may trigger it. For you to take advantage of the cholesterol-lowering properties of garlic, simply add more of this culinary herb to your dishes.

Aside from employing these Indian home remedies for lowering high cholesterol, it’s also very important for you to rely on some tried-and-tested solutions that doctors all across the globe suggest. They include adding more foods in the diet that contain fiber and healthy fats, regularly exercising, reducing stress, quitting smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages in moderation.

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