Japanese Home Remedies for Colds

We all suffer from colds from time to time. It may be because we caught some bacteria while spending time outside your home or your immune system may have been compromised. Whatever the reason may be for you to have colds, finding a way to treat it as soon as possible is important so you will feel relief from the clogged nose that you have. Most of the time, we take over-the-counter medications to deal with colds and flu, but if you don’t want to rely on these medicines all the time, why not take advantage of Japanese remedies instead? Here are a few Japanese home remedies that you can try.

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One of the best home remedies used by the Japanese to battle colds is onion. Although you can consume onion as is, you can make a tonic with it by grating some onion and adding to hot water with a bit of honey and a pinch of ginger. It appears that the combination of onion, honey, and ginger can boost the anti-inflammatories in your body and give you a dose of vitamin C too to support immune system.

Umeboshi or pickled plums

Pickled plum is a staple in many DIY treatments in any Japanese home but it takes a while to adapt to their taste. Although you can eat the plums as is, you can cook them using low heat then chopping them into small bite sized pieces and add to your choice of tea. If you want an added dose of health to your system, try adding lemon and ginger to your tea. Not only will this help boost your digestive system, but it will also fight fatigue that comes with colds.

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Honey radish

It appears that daikon radish is paced with vitamin C and is high in enzymes that can eliminate the mucus in your nasal passages. When treating colds, you can make a honey radish drink. To do this, cut the daikon radish into smaller pieces then place in a container. Pour some honey over it and let it sit for a few hours. When the juice of the daikon appears, you will be able to produce an extract that you can mix with some hot water or take it as is.

Pickled turnips

Another option to consider for treating your colds is to use pickled turnips. It appears that there is a particular strain of bacteria that can alleviate the symptoms of flu. Eating pickled turnips may give you that distinctive taste that is a combination of salt and mild acidic taste.

Green tea

Make sure that you add green tea to your diet if you want to reduce your colds because it contains high amounts of antioxidants that can protect you against various ailments easily. What’s more, green tea can help you lose weight too which is a plus.

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