Kiwi! Good for your Face and Insides!

A popular fruit also called Chinese gooseberry for taste, color, look and its very refreshing effects since it is an amazing detox ingredient!  Did you know that it has almost 160 mg of vitamin C for every 100g?  That is twice the amount of your regular orange per 100g!  The fruit itself raw and pure without being processed into concentrated oils has a good amount of vitamins A, E and definitely a high amount of C is just one of nature’s many natural beautifying, anti-ageing and detoxifying crops.

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Consider always going more for fresh fruits and perhaps yogurt and oats instead of the usual sugary, baked and often times processed treats that are very harmful to the body.  Kiwi us also has over 30% Vitamin K per 100g which is vital in aiding bone strength and development therefore affecting your tooth health as well.  It also contains good trace amounts of vitamins B1-B6 which is vital for over all cellular function and chemical exchange along with mood stabilization and red blood cell growth and development.  Kiwis have about 5mg of Choline for a small serving which is the substance that partners with some B Vitamins to aid in strengthening the cell membrane while keeping it moist and flexible enough.  For every 50g of this fruit there is around 3mg of folate which is Vitamin B9, a vital assistant in blood production and oxygen exchange in the blood vessels.

Kiwi has a good trace amount of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are heart-friendly and cancer fighting oils, omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory.  Every 100g has 9g of all natural plant sugar which provides real energy from real food, the kind of sugar that does not make you crash.

Not to mention kiwi also has a wide range of minerals, vital metals we need trace amounts of in our bodies in order to survive and function normally.  This tropical fruit has a good amount of Calcium, over 15g in every 50g serving.  It is also a good source of Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc and Copper.

Having a good resume on it antioxidants and nutrients kiwi definitely is one of those foods that promote healing and an overall feeling of being cleaner and lighter.  Its high fiber content combined with other easy-to-digest lean proteins and veggies make a healthy tummy and well balanced diet.

Being 83% water, containing high amounts of Vitamin C and a valid amount of A and E along with the effects of its hydroxyl acids make a fantastic beauty mask and health shake.  It prevent acne even!

Delicious on its own or combined with mangoes, tropical berries and oranges or in all of the above in a healthful yogurt parfait topped with chia seeds sounds more interesting and cleansing than your usual cake or ice cream.  Go to your local market or grocery today and find what fruits are in season and imagine how many calories you can save instead of going for cake!


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