Know the Difference Between Type A Flu and Type B Flu

Are you aware that there’s type A flu and type B flu? If not, then you’re in the right place. This article will get you introduced to the key differences between these two types of flu. Make sure that you share this article on your various social media sites afterwards to get everyone you love know about type A flu and type B flu, too!

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Just a quick heads-up before we begin: everything you will encounter below is not meant to be taken as professional advice, which can only come from the mouth of your trusted doctor.

There are Actually Three of Them

Aside from type A flu and type B flu, there is also type C flu. However, health authorities say that type C flu is something that causes only very mild flu symptoms. More importantly, it’s not responsible for flu epidemics and pandemics, and that’s why we will focus on only the most notorious of the bunch, and they are type A flu and type B flu.

Yes, the flu virus is the one to blame for some of the moments in the history of mankind where so many human beings have died. For instance, back in 1918 there’s the so-called Spanish Flu. In 1957 there’s Asian Flu. Then there’s Hong Kong flu in 1968. Not too long ago in 2004, there’s what’s known as Bird Flu.

In all of the above-mentioned cases of the flu, it is type A flu that’s responsible. Needless to say, it’s far more dangerous than type B flu.

Type A Flu is Pure Evil

Why type A flu is regarded as more harmful than type B flu is the fact that the influenza viruses responsible for it can also affect birds (and a bunch of other animals also) instead of just humans. Scientists say that wild aquatic types of birds are usually the hosts of a wide variety of viruses responsible for type A flu.

Influenza A viruses in infected animals can get transmitted to humans, which is something that can lead to devastating outbreaks. Some of the worst cases of flu epidemics mentioned earlier are all due to influenza A viruses, serving as clear testaments that the wrath of type A flu is something that should be taken seriously.

On the other hand, the viruses responsible for type B flu can only be spread and contracted by humans, which makes it easier for health authorities to keep an epidemic from striking.

Influenza B Viruses Mutate a Lot Slower

Needless to say, type B flu is less evil than type A flu because it’s easier to control since it can be transmitted only by humans.

One more thing about type B flu that makes it less terrifying than type A flu is the fact that the influenza viruses responsible for it mutate 2 to 3 times slower than the influenza viruses behind type A flu. Yes, influenza viruses tend to change on a regular basis and this is the reason why getting the flu shot yearly is a good idea.

But despite of being due to different influenza viruses, type A flu and type B flu tend to cause the very same symptoms, and most people who are infected tend to heal on their own.

No Cure Exists

To date, there is no available treatment for the flu, no matter if it’s type A flu or type B flu. That’s because it is due to a viruses, plus the said microorganisms tend to mutate all the time. This is the reason why it’s virtually impossible for the scientific community to come up with a specific treatment for it.

The good news is one can recover fully from the flu even without being admitted to a hospital. However, it’s important for anyone who is suffering from the flu to pay a doctor a visit especially if he or she has high fever, a weakened immune system and of an advanced age.

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