Korean Beauty Trends

The Korean beauty industry exploded along with their entertainment industry. Now, there are thousands of Korean beauty brands making its name around the world. South Korea made the BB cream popular and a must have item for 2011 until now. Since then we have been obsessed not only with their makeup and skin care, but also their popular beauty trends.

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Korea does not focus too much on makeup, but on skin care and making the look as natural as possible. They believe that the strong skin care is important to get that overall flawless appearance. Unlike other makeup trends around. They believe in youth or the appearance of youthfulness. The fresh face, bright eyes and flush complexion. We’ve compiled some of the best known Korean beauty trends that swept the world last year and what is to come this year. Read on to find out how to achieve these trends.

Fresh Faced

If you look to a lot of Korean beauty, commercial and even television shows you’ll notice most of the stars appear to be makeup free or if they do the most visible makeup, you’ll notice are eyeliners and lipstick. Contouring and highlighting is used in their makeup routine, but not as much as the rest of the world. They opt for the fresh face and makeup free appearance. This is because it makes you look a lot younger. Most of them achieve this look of their skin alone. They have a rigorous skin care routine that they adhere to religiously. Korean skin care products are some of the best in the world. They have different type of products for each skin type, skin problems and target areas. You can also achieve their natural fresh faced look by mixing in some moisturizer to your liquid foundation. This won’t give you as much coverage as it normally would but it would make the skin look more hydrated, youthful and natural. Avoid heavy powders too. If you use a setting powder that can make the skin look dry, skip it and opt for something lighter.

Misting and Face Mask

Hydration is such an important part of the Korean beauty routine. Face mask and hydrating mist are popular products sold in different brands around the world. A lot of youthful celebrities attest to the effect of these products on their appearance. Some would note that they use face masks 5 times a day. These are a great way to hydrate the skin. Misting can help keep the skin hydrated, activate present facial creams and give life to dull makeup. There are a variety of face mask to choose from. Aside from its hydrating features there are also face mask that can help with anti-aging, paleness and discoloration. You can use these products as much as you want, but one pack a week would be enough to pamper the skin.

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Bright Eyes

Big round eyes can make you look young and bubbly. They mostly achieve this look with the help of eyeliner and eyeshadow. There are different styles of eyeliner you can use. But to get that rounded eye look, you must flick the end of your eyeliner downward, rather than traditionally upward. This gives the eye the illusion of appearing rounder and bigger. The cat eye eyeliner trick can make the eyes look sultry and strong. Flicking it downward gives it a softer and approachable look. You can add more dimension to your eyes by adding some neutral color to the lids. If you want to add bright colors place it near the eyeliner to make it pop.

Do It at Home Skin Care Devices

We have to admit we don’t get facials or treatments regularly. Either we don’t have time or it’s too expensive. Well, popular Korean brands have an answer to these dilemmas. At home Skin care devices can give you that professional Derma results at home. This tool is rising in sales right now. You can purchase your own diamond peel devices, LP hair removal kit, Deep skin cleanser tools and so on. These items can be a splurge in the beginning, but worth it when you get your results and realize how much money you saved from doing it at home.

Korean beauty trends a great way to improve your beauty routine. Some of their makeup tips are easy to do and perfect for everyday makeup routine. One thing that we can definitely get from them is to focus on our skin health. Healthy skin looks naturally glowing and supple, and it also makes makeup application a lot easier!

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