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Larb Quesadillas

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If you need to create a tasty yet healthful treat fats, then quesadillas would be a very good bet. Couple it with the same healthy goodness of chicken and you’re in for a satisfying meal.

Quesadilla is of Mexican origin. It is basically a tortilla filled with a savoury mixture of cheeses, veggies, and meat, folded and then fried. It gets its nutritional content mostly from its fillings which could be anything you want. Most often, quesadillas are stuffed with chicken because of its high nutritional benefits.  Chicken equates to lean meat which signifies low in fat content but high in protein—ideal for weight loss management. Apart from that, chicken meat is also packed with other essential vitamins and nutrients. To create yourself a healthy snack, try this simple recipe for Larb quesadillas that’s guaranteed to make you craving for more:


For the chicken larb:


Ground chicken (1 lb.)

Canola oil (1 tbsp)

Shallots ( 2 large pcs, minced)

Thai Chili peppers (3 pcs)

Fish sauce (3 tbsp)

Lime (1 pc, juiced)

Roasted peanuts (1/2 cup)

Fresh mint (1/2 cup, chopped)

Rice powder (1/3 cup, toasted)

Palm sugar (1/2 tbsp)


For the Quesadillas:


Whole Wheat tortillas (2 pcs)

Grated cheddar cheese (1 cup)




Add the canola oil to a large skillet then start heating over medium-high flame.


Place the ground chicken and cook for 15 minutes or until done.

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Get rid of clumps by breaking the ground chicken with a wooden spoon. Drain any excess fluid and transfer to another container.


Mix in the other ingredients together (peanuts, shallots, fresh mint, rice powder, palm sugar, Thai chilli peppers, fish sauce and lime juice) in a bowl together with the chicken.


Get a large skillet and warm a piece of whole wheat tortilla.


Place half of the grated cheese on it and follow it with about half a cup of the chicken larb.


Add the remaining cheese as you place another piece of tortilla on it.


Lightly press on the mixture to allow it to cook. Wait until the tortilla is browned.


Carefully do a flip to let the side other cook.


Once done, remove from heat, transfer to a plate and serve.



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