Learning to Love Yourself

The topic of self-love and learning to love yourself have been a big issue in our society. We live in a time that every little thing we do or have can be criticized by the people around us. We live in a time where being ourselves is a difficult topic and should be carried with caution. We live in a time where people that have learned to love themselves are often more successful in life, than those who constantly doubt and criticize themselves.

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We as humans are a work in progress, no matter how amazing your next door neighbor is or how rich your officemate is, they like you are a working progress. We need to grow and develop ourselves constantly, there is never an age where we should stop growing. Learning different perspective and truths can build you up to be a better and more loving person. Let us start our journey of self-love with these tips.

  • Never compare yourself with anybody, imagine life as a video game. That person may be at level 32, but you are still in your level 12. Imagine how amazing you will be when you get to that level. We all have our different pace, circumstances, privilege, experience and life. There is no point comparing yourself to someone who hasn’t gone through what you’ve been through.
  • Exercise and eat healthy because you want to have a healthy mind and body. Not because you feel like you need to lose weight for people’s acceptance.
  • Don’t deem yourself as anything physical. You are more than your appearance, you are a human being with a soul, memories, friends, love, knowledge and experience that other people will never have. You are an immense galaxy inside a human vessel, you aren’t just your appearance.
  • Learn something new every day. Study a subject you always wanted, learn a new language or instrument. Never stop learning new things.
  • Spend time outside, be with your family and friends. Make memories and live every minute of it.
  • Never forget to tell the people around you how much you love and appreciate them, you’ll never know it might be the last time you could.
  • Forgive, but don’t forget. Resolve issues you’ve had in your past and forgive that people who have done you wrong, but never forget the lesson they taught you.
  • Buy that expensive phone or bag, treat yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.
  • Love yourself the way you care about the people you love.
  • Don’t force yourself into anything that makes you unhappy. It will only make you miserable.
  • Accept your faults and failure.
  • Stop wishing to be someone else and accept yourself for who you are. Wishing to be someone else will always lead up to disappointment. Pretending to be someone you are not, is going to cause you pain and the people around you misery. You can’t keep lying to yourself.
  • Material things aren’t going to make you happy. Having a roof above your head, food, family and everything else can make you happy. Never base your happiness on something you can buy in a store.
  • Stop pushing back what you feel I-can’t-be-sad-because-other-people-are-sadder-than-me mentality will only make you miserable. You’ll tend to push all your feelings aside and storing them turning it into self-loathing or you’ll end up drowning these feelings making you hate yourself more.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself all the amazing things that you are.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments, may it be finishing a long and exhausting day at work or getting that job you always wanted. Learning to enjoy the little things in life will teach you to hold on to life and its miracles.
  • We all go through hiccups and we all make mistakes. Yours’ will not define you for the rest of your life, unless you dwell on it. Struggles are created to make you stronger.
  • Take one step at a time. You can’t suddenly wake up and have the life you’ve always wanted. You have to work on it and you have to start within yourself. Teaching yourself self-love and motivating yourself to achieve what you want is only the beginning.

Learning to love yourself requires a lot of effort, but this effort will be one of the best investment you can do for yourself. Learning to have compassion and pride in oneself is one of the few steps to self-love.

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