Lemon: Your Beauty Remedy

Lemon is not only a fruit that is good for the health but also brings out the beauty in us. Learn the ways on how lemon can bring the beauty within you.

Lemon as hair remedy

• Lemon as hair lightener and scalp treatment
Do you want a lighter hair hue? Well, lemon juice is an inexpensive way to lighten the color of your hair. Before you head out, apply some lemon juice and notice how your hair lightens with some sun-kissed color. This keeps your hair color appear natural. Other than hair lightening, the juice from lemon is also a good treatment for dandruff and dry scalp. Just apply it generously to the scalp.

How to do it: Apply lemon juice to your tresses evenly.

Lemon as nail care remedy

• Lemon as nail strengthener
Manicures especially the gel ones can bring damage to your nails. Return the health of your nails with lemon juice. This serves as an alternative nail care for brittle and dry nails. This is also good to bleach yellowish nails.

How to do it: Mix some lemon juice with cooking oil. Best recommended is olive oil and soak your nails for a while. Rinse them afterwards.

Lemon as skin care cure

• Lemon as skin brightener
Lemon extracts can brighten you skin as well as good for lightening dark spots. This fruit is rich with antioxidant, Vitamin C that aids in boosting collagen production. A friendly reminder though, if you use lemon extract, do not forget to apply sun protection because it can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays.

How to do it: Squeeze the lemon to extract its juice and apply it over your skin.

• Lemon as treatment for acne
Since lemon has antibacterial properties and vitamin C, which is a natural astringent, they can also help dry out and fade acne. Meanwhile, the extracted juice from the lemon works as toner for oily skin and can help fend off wrinkles.

How to do it: Slice a lemon and squeeze the juice to your face. For better results, wash your face with antibacterial cleanser and warm water or steam clean your face by placing your over hot water and draping a towel over your head to prevent the steam from escaping. This will help in opening your pores before you use lemon juice. You can let the juice sit on your face overnight and wash it off the next morning.

Lemon as cleansing wipes
Lemon is good in getting rid of dirt to prevent acne formation as well as dark spots.

How to do it: Add a few drops of lemon and some teat tree oil to about 6 ounces of distilled water. Put a cotton pad on the mixture and apply it to skin’s problem areas.

• Lemon as moisturizer
The mixture of coconut water and lemon juice helps in providing moisture to your skin as coconut hydrates the skin while lemon brightens your skin tone. The addition of shea butter conditions your skin.

How to do it: Mix the lemon juice with coconut water. Add some shea butter for texture at the same time for deeper skin penetration.

• Lemon as bleacher
Do you have dark elbows and knees? Bring back its natural color by rubbing lemon to these dark areas and whiten these problematic areas of the skin.

How to do it: Slice lemon in half and rub it over to dark areas of the skin. You can extract its juice and put it in a spray bottle with equal amounts of water. Spray the mixture to any dark spots. Another way of doing it is by grating the lemon rind and rubbing it over the skin to cleanse and lighten your skin over time.

Lemon as lip and mouth care

• Lemon as lip exfoliator
Achieve smoother lips with lemon juice. Applying the juice over your lips removes dead skin cells and dried skin.

How to do it: Before bedtime, put on lemon juice and rinse it the next day. However, do not do this tip if your lips have cracked or cut in them. To get a more lip balm like feel, mix the juice with a tablespoon of castor oil and glycerin.

• Lemon as teeth whitener
If you want to have sparkling, whiter teeth, turn to lemon. Of course, all of us want to flash our widest smile with clean, white teeth. Lemon mixed with baking soda is an inexpensive way to keep your teeth white.

How to do it: Combine a batch of lemon juice and baking soda and apply it to your teeth using a Q-tip. Use your toothbrush to remove dirt and other particles and rinse.

• Lemon as treatment for canker sore
I know you do not like the sorry feeling of having canker sore. It seems like the pain is forever. Remedy canker sore with lemon juice. The antibacterial properties found in lemon helps in fighting the bacteria that cause canker sores.

How to do it: Get a few drops of lemon essential oil on canker sore for faster healing. Use the juice as a mouthwash to speed up the healing.

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