Lesser-Known Causes of Dry Skin

You know your skin is dry if it’s taut, red and itchy, and can double as a chalkboard! Sometimes it’s just the person’s skin type that can be blamed for such. There are instances wherein it is simply due to washing with harsh soaps, applying cosmetic products with alcohol or other strong ingredients, and skipping the use of a good moisturizer. Certainly, taking hot showers, swimming a lot, sunbathing excessively and being in freezing temperatures can leave your skin dry as a bone.

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Did you know that skin dryness can also be blamed on bad habits, some of the drinks you chug, certain medicines you take and even an underlying medical condition? So if you are wondering why your skin can be easily mistaken for the Sahara even after doing your share of keeping it moisturized, read on. Below are some of the things that can leave your skin dry.


It’s no secret that a cup of coffee can make you feel wide awake and jittery. Did you notice that it also makes you rush to the bathroom frequently? This isn’t surprising because caffeine in coffee is a diuretic — it sweeps water out of your body, thus increasing urine production. If you suffer from dry skin, it’s a good idea to go easy on your favorite joe.

Tea and Other Caffeinated Beverages

Coffee is not the only thing you need to cut down if you want to enjoy well-hydrated skin. You should also refrain from chugging any other beverage with caffeine in it. Limit your consumption of tea as it contains caffeine. Most definitely, soda and energy drinks are off limits most especially because they also pack sugar that’s very bad for your skin and health.


While it’s true that alcohol does not contain caffeine unlike the beverages mentioned above, it can still leave your skin dry most especially when it is consumed excessively. It has something to do with the fact that it increases urination. Also, vomiting due to guzzling down lots of alcohol can further contribute to dehydration.

Cigarette Smoking

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Everyone knows that smoking is a habit that can cause a lot of health problems. Did you know that it’s also something that can trigger skin dryness? That’s because smoking constricts your blood vessels, impeding the distribution of water molecules to your skin cells. It also hinders all those nutrients and oxygen molecules, leaving your skin looking dull and old.

Certain Drugs

If you are taking medication for the common cold, flu or any other problem due to bacterial or viral infection, worry no longer why your skin is dry and itchy. That’s because the drug prescribed by your doctor (even some OTC ones) can be the reason for your skin dryness, especially if it’s something that can leave the mucus dried up.


One of the signs of diabetes is skin dryness. The reason behind this? Too much sugar in the bloodstream can hamper efficient blood circulation, and this causes decreased amounts of water molecules delivered to the skin cells. Also, frequent urination (or polyuria in the medical world) is a symptom of diabetes, which makes your skin even more dehydrated.


This disease is characterized by a sluggish thyroid gland, something that results in the decrease in thyroid hormones — chemicals responsible for regulating the metabolism. Hypothyroidism slows down the activity of the oil and sweat glands, and this is exactly the reason why the skin ends up taut, itchy and flaky.

Certain Skin Diseases

Sometimes it’s a good idea to see a doctor if your skin seems to be persistently dry, red and itchy. There are certain skin conditions out there that can leave your skin excessively dry. Some examples are eczema and psoriasis. Worry not because the problem can be controlled by regular moisturizing and the use of cosmetics that are free of irritants.

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