Let Jalapeños Set Your Mouth on Fire and Enjoy the Following Benefits

Your eyes are watery. Your lips feel tingly. Your cheeks are blushing. Your ears feel like they’re pulsating. Your forehead is sweating. Your tongue is throbbing. Consuming jalapeños can make all of these things happen. But did you know that including them in your diet on a regular basis enables you to enjoy all sorts of health benefits, too?

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What gives jalapeños the power to bring forth all of the weird physical things you experience when you happen to put them in your mouth is capsaicin, a compound that give all hot peppers their hotness and pungency. It’s also the one that makes jalapeños very good for your wellbeing in a wide variety of wonderful ways.

So without further ado, here are some of the benefits that spicing up your life with jalapeños brings:

Reduced Joint Pain and Swelling

Did you know that lots of pharmaceutical products for arthritis and other problems that cause painful and swollen joints contain capsaicin? That’s because capsaicin has the ability to reduce inflammation as well as pain. And this is why something as simple as adding more jalapeños in your diet on a regular basis is an excellent idea if you are constantly bugged by joints that are painful and swollen.

Cleared Air Passages

When you’re having a bout of the common cold or flu, consider having soups that have jalapeños in them in order to make it so much easier for you to breathe. It works in a couple of ways. First, capsaicin jalapeños have is capable of opening up the air passages. Second, soups supply the body with plenty of water, thus thinning excess mucus.

Lowered Risk of Cancer

According to numerous studies, capsaicin is not only good at dealing with inflammation, but also in preventing cancer. In fact, it’s been found out by scientists that capsaicin present abundantly in jalapeños are capable of wiping off cancer cells, including most especially those that are in the prostate. In other words, men who are at risk of having prostate cancer can rely on some jalapeños to help lower their risk of having such scary disease.

Eased Headaches

Do you often pop a painkiller in your mouth each time you are pestered by a terrible headache? An all-natural way to put an end to your problem is by having jalapeños as capsaicin in them is scientifically-proven to help ease headaches without side effects. In fact, scientists say that jalapeños are also superb at dealing with migraine headaches!

Reduced Unwanted Pounds

Those who are trying to lose weight need not spend a fortune on expensive and potentially dangerous diet pills. That’s because they may simply incorporate more jalapeños in their healthy eating habits because the capsaicin they contain helps speed up the metabolism, making it so much easier to burn excess calories. By the way, experts say that hot peppers like jalapeños are capable of curbing the appetite.

Decreased Heart Disease Risk

Capsaicin is not the only thing that makes jalapeños good for you, but also the loads of antioxidants they contain. Based on studies, jalapeños are capable of lowering the blood pressure by preventing cholesterol in food from being oxidized and ending up clogging the arteries.

Slowed Skin Aging

Because jalapeños are packed with antioxidants, consuming more dishes that have them can actually help slow down the aging of your skin. It’s for the well-known fact that antioxidants can shield your skin cells from those age-accelerating free radicals. Each time you eat jalapeños, its hotness causes your cheeks to blush and your lips to redden. Who needs to put on a lot of makeup when you can simply have some jalapeños?

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