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Life Altering Blush Tips

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Blush is the easiest makeup you can use that can instantly impact your appearance. A simple swipe can give you a beautiful, flushed complexion. But a lot of people make a lot of common mistakes when it comes to makeup. Using the right color, the right technique and where to apply it. We asked some of the top beauty gurus and makeup artist on their favorite blush tips and how you can make it work for you. These are some of the life altering blush tips they shared.


There are powder blushes, cream blushes and liquid blush. The most common ones are the powder ones, but if you really want that natural looking blush go for the cream versions. It can be easily blended on the skin. If you tend to have dry and flaky avoid powder blushes. This can make your skin appear drier and make the blush appear too unnatural. Liquid blush or tints are great for oily skin. IT can really adhere to the skin, making it last a lot longer than cream and powder. Though, tint blushes are a lot harder to blend into the skin. So, the gist is that dry skin suits, cream blushes, oily skin for liquid or tint blushes and normal skin can use all three. Another quick tip, avoid applying shimmering blush on uneven or bumpy areas of your skin since it can accentuate it.

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Pick The Right Color

There are certain blush colors that can look amazing on a certain skin tone and one shade that can make your skin look dull or dirty. To first understand which color is right for you. You have to identify your skin tone and undertone. Do you have dark skin, tan skin or light? Do you have a yellow, red or bluish undertone? All of these will play a factor on the shades that you choose.  Pale or light pink shades are great on light complexions and people that have pale skin. This can surely add more life to your skin and making it appear brighter. If you are prone to redness, it’s best to avoid this color. It can make you look too red in the face. Peach colors are great for adding a subtle glow to fair skin and adding definition to dark skin. Though, peach is one of the hardest colors to work with. It does not flatter most skin types. Before purchasing any peaches, try it out on your skin. Apricot shades are great on tan and dark skin. It gives off a natural glow to the skin. Cranberry shades are amazing on tan skin. It gives off a natural healthy glow. Though, it is easy to overdo this color. Make sure to remove excess powder and use light application.

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The direction you apply your blush can help change the shape of your face. Applying your blush vertically about half the size of your noses can make your face appear slimmer. Applying it slanted right on the cheekbone can instantly make your face appear younger. Using a slanted direction below the cheekbone can give your face a sharper dimension and give it more angles. You can soften your face and make it appear younger and brighter by applying the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Widen your face or reduce the length by applying blush in horizontally. It should be just in the middle of your face to make it appear wider.

The Perfect Flush

Get that perfectly natural looking flush appearance by balancing it. This technique will make the appearance of the blush more natural than simply applying it on the cheeks. You can start by applying cream blush on the temple towards the apple of your cheeks. Dab in the cream blushes above the brow bone and lightly in the middle of your nose, between the eyes. Next, take your blush powder and apply it above your brow bone, temple and apple of the cheeks.

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Your blush can be used in multiple ways. It can be used as a highlighter and eye shadow. A unique way to use your blush is to mix it with your favorite lip balm. You can create a lip balm version of your blush. You can even create your own shade by mixing different blush powder together. What do you think about these tips? Do you have your own life altering blush tip? Share it here with us!

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