Little-Known Effects of Smoking

Cigarette smoking has a negative impact on almost all of your organs, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Needless to say, this terrible habit can leave a smoker at high risk of all sorts of health troubles. It is the respiratory and circulatory systems that suffer the most from cigarette smoking. There are also all sorts of carcinogens in tobacco smoke, and that is why the habit of smoking can cause cancer to strike practically any part of the body.

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Are you aware of the little-known effects of smoking? If you are thinking of ditching this bad habit, it’s a good idea to get to know not only the most publicized health impact of cigarette smoking, but also those that do not get to be under the spotlight that much. Continue reading!

Cigarette Smoking Can Weaken the Bones

Experts say that nicotine and other poisonous substances in cigarette smoke can contribute to osteoporosis, a condition characterized by the weakening and softening of the bones. That’s because it has been shown that smoking slows down the building of new bone cells. With osteoporosis, you are at higher risk of suffering from fractures.

The Habit Can Cause Gum Disease

Dental experts say that cigarette smoking can cause periodontal disease which is a severe infection of the gums. This is due to the fact that the thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke can impair blood circulation to the gums and elsewhere. Periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss due to the damage it does to the structures supporting your teeth, namely the gums and even the bones. What’s more, cigarette smoking can also cause bad breath and tooth discoloration.

Smoking Can Deaden Your Taste Buds

Do you notice that your favorite food no longer tastes as wonderfully as before? This doesn’t really come as a surprise because smoking can actually keep your taste buds from functioning very well. If you don’t ditch the habit, time will come when just about everything you eat will taste like cardboard.

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It Can Leave Your Skin Looking Really Old

There are a couple of things why this terrible habit can be bad for your skin and ultimately your appearance. First, cigarette smoking impairs blood circulation. This means that your skin is getting less nutrients and oxygen. Second, it causes your skin to become more elastic. With diminished elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles appear or become even more pronounced. If you want to stay young-looking, you don’t have to hunt for the fountain of youth. Just turn your back on smoking.

You Can Suffer From Hair Thinning

There are numerous nutrients in the body that gets depleted when you smoke. Some of them include calcium, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins — all of which are necessary for healthy hair. With these nutrients exhausted and blood circulation to the scalp impaired, it’s not unlikely for hair loss to occur due to the damage the hair follicles get.

Cigarette Smoking Can Take Away Your Eyesight

According to the pros, some of the toxins present in tobacco smoke can cause what’s known as macular degeneration. This is characterized by the deterioration of the macula, a small central part of the retina, a light-sensitive layer of cells at the back of your eyeballs. Macular degeneration can lead to severe vision loss.

The Habit Can Cause Sexual Health Issues

Women who smoke cigarettes are at risk of developing eggs with certain abnormalities, experts say. This is the reason why they may have reduced chances of getting pregnant. It’s not unlikely for smoking women to fail to have full-term pregnancies. In males, smoking can make obtaining erections a problem. This issue has something to do with smoking wreaking havoc to the blood vessels and blood circulation.

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