Look Awake Without Using Makeup

The tired and dull eyed look doesn’t suit anybody. We are often mistaken as sick, hung over or stressed when we go to work or school without putting any effort into looking more awake or to come alive. Most people wake up looking tired even with enough sleep. Especially for people that have dark or prominent eye bags. Wearing makeup can cover the discoloration in your face and put a little bit more life to your appearance. However, there are other no makeup tricks you can do to make you look more awake. Read on to learn these amazing tricks.

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Get Your Blood Pumping

Have you ever noticed how flushed and refreshed your face looks after doing a bit of cardio? After wiping off your sweat, you’ll notice that there is color in your face and skin in general. This is mostly due to better circulation after working out. So, before you leave for work. Try to schedule a trip to the gym. A good workout can help wake you up without caffeine. The surge of energy occurs after a few minutes of exercise. This helps wake up the bones, the organs, the muscles and the mind. Your workout sends a signal to your brain telling you that it needs to wake up and get ready for the day. This also increases the blood pumping in your veins, giving you that natural looking glow without any makeup. If you don’t like going to the gym, dedicate at least 15 minutes of intense cardio, dance workout, cycling, speed walking and so on before you get in the shower.

Adding Color

If your appearance is already dull, you don’t really want to wear anything that is dull. Adding a bit of color to your outfit can add more life and brightness to your appearance. Not only will it make you look more awake, it will also enhance your mood. Colors that are bright and easy on the eyes can make you feel positive and gleeful. Dark colors can tend to damper the mood and cast dark shadows on your appearance, make you look a lot paler or tired. Though, not all colors will look good. Other bright colors can actually wash you out. It’s important to play with the tone of your skin. If you are warm toned opt for browns, green, ivory, yellows and oranges. For cool tones opt for pinks, purples, blues, magentas and pure whites. You don’t have to go overboard with color. Simply wearing the right accessory near your face can make you look more awake.

Ice Cold

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If you suffer from puffy eye bags when you wake up, create ice the night before or have ice cold water handy. Use this first thing in the morning. Use a big bowl and dunk your whole face in this ice cold water a few times. Not only will the temperature wakes up your brain, it will also reduce the puffiness in your eyes and cheeks. It will also help give your skin the flushed and supple appearance. If you prefer, you can always take a cold bath. This will help wake up your whole body and give your hair added shine. If you’re sensitive to cold, place used tea bags or spoons in the freezer and use this in your eyes for a few minutes.


Before you go to sleep make sure to drink two glasses of water. One of the few reasons you may look a lot tired than you really are in the morning is due to dehydration. You can fix this by making sure that you are always hydrated. As soon as you wake up drink a glass of water and maintain hydrating yourself throughout the day.

Eye Drops

One of the visible signs of a tired and sleepless night is the hallow or bloodshot eyes. Consult your doctor about eye lubricants that can mimic tears. Use this in the morning to hydrate your eyes and use it through the day if you have dry eyes. Though, do not rely on this completely. Only use it if you experience redness or eye irritation. This will help reduce puffiness and redness, making you look more rested and awake.

We all know the different makeup tricks to use. White eyeliner, blush, mascara and bronzer. All of these makeup items can make you look awake and bright. Though, there are some people that prefer to go all natural and still look awake. Try out these tips and share with us your personal tips!

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