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Low-Fat Meal Recipes

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Fats have some benefits to the body. Aside form insulation in a cold environment, fats also provide energy when the body’s carbohydrate intake is low. However, excessive fat intake is harmful to the body, as they can accummulate in the blood vessels and form a plaque, which narrows passageway for the blood. As a result, a person may be predisposed to having a heart disease. Thus, while it is important to consume fat, a person’s intake should be in moderation.

In line with low fat intake, the following are some meal recipes one can prepare.

Cabbage Fat Burning Soup

Vegetables are low in fat and this makes a cabbage, tomato, and carrot recipe a suitable choice for a low fat meal. As per All Recipes, the ingredients include one large head cabbage (chopped), ten stalks celery (chopped), five carrots (chopped), two 16-ounce cans whole peeled tomatoes (with liquid), two quarts tomato juice, one 15-ounce can cut green beans (drained), three onions )chopped), an ounce of envelope dry onion soup mix, two green bell peppers (diced), and one 14-ounce can beef broth.

To prepare, the cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, onions, and celery are placed in a large pot. Then, the tomato juice, onion soup mix, broth, and water are added, just enough to cover the vegetables. After that, the food is simmered until the vegetables become tender.

Thai Red Duck with Sticky Pineapple Rice

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Among meat food sources, poultry and fish have the lowest amount of fat; thus, they qualify to the low-fat meal recipe bracket. Added with pineapples, which contain fiber, the meal is capable of reducing fat and getting rid of free radicals. As per BBC Good Food, the ingredients are two duck breasts (no skin), 100g fresh pineapple (cubed), a tablespoon of Thai red curry paste, lime juice and zest, 140g jasmine rice, 125ml can of coconut milk, 140g frozen peas, 50g beansprouts, half red onion (diced), red chili, and one-fourth pack of coriander (stalks and leaves chopped).

To prepare the meal, a duck breast is placed between two sheets of cling film on a chopping board. Then, a rolling pin is used  to bash the duck until it is 0.5cm thick. The procedure is done with the other breast and both are put in a dish. The curry paste is mixed with the lime zest and juice and then rubbed all over the duck. The marinade preparation is left at room temperature for 20 minutes.

Next, the rice is tipped into a small saucepan with salt. Then, the coconut milk and the 150ml water are poured over. The food is brought to a simmer and heat is turned down low, allowing the meal to cook for additional five minutes. Then, the peas are added and then covered, turning the heat off and leaving it for another ten minutes. After that, the rice is checked if all the liquid is absorbed and if it is cooked through. Once done, the kettle is boiled and the beansprouts and red onion are put in a colander, with the boiling water poured over. The beansprouts and onion are stirred into the rice, along with the chili, coriander stalks, and the pineapple. The lid is put back to keep the food warm.

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Once done, a griddle pan is heated and the duck is cooked for a minute or two per each side or until cooked to one’s preference. After that, the duck is sliced and the coriander leaves are stirred, prior to serving.

Overall, fat is important to the body’s physiology, as it provides insulation at times of cold and energy for doing the activities of daily living. While fat has its own benefits to the body, it can also cause ailments like heart diseases if it is consumed excessively. Along with the aforementioned meal recipes, fat levels can be stabilized by doing regular exercise and having adequate rest.

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