Machine Exercises for a Massive Chest

The chest is one of the most common body part trained by people at the gym. A massive and strong chest helps in the performance of various activities of daily living, such as carrying objects. Along with the use of the barbell and the dumbbell, the chest can be trained using machines. The following are some machine exercises a person can perform.

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Machine Bench Press

One exercise that can substitute the barbell and the dumbbell in training the pectoralis or pec muscles is the machine bench press. According to Body Building, the exercise is a compound pushing exercise that primarily engages the chest, along with the shoulders and the triceps.

To perform the exercise, the person sits down on the chest press machine and then chooses the weight. Next, he steps on the machine’s lever as it would help him to bring the handles forward and for him to be able to grab the handles and completely extend the arms. After that, the person grabs the handles with a palms-down grip and raises the elbows for the upper arm to be parallel to the floor. A good practice is to point the forearms forward, as the person grans the handles. The person makes the starting position by bringing the handles forward and extending the arms. Then, he returns the handles towards him as he breathes in. Next, he pushes the handles away from him as he flexes his chest and exhales. The contraction is held for a second before returning to the starting position.

Cable Chest Press and Crossover

The cable press is another chest exercise that utilizes a machine. According to Muscle and Fitness, the exercise is done by adjusting the pulleys for them to be slightly above shoulder height. Next, the person grasps the stirrup handles with his arms facing down. Then, he positions himself between the weights and takes a step forward, leaning at the waist 15 to 30 degrees with the knees slightly bent. Once done, the person pushes the handles in front of him, with a motion resembling that of a dumbbell press. The person holds the contraction briefly before going back to the starting position. Fro the crossover, the person holds his position, mildly bends his elbows, and straightens his torso for it to be perpendicular to the floor. With this position maintained, the person pulls his hands in front of his chest and crosses the handles over one another for a complete contraction. The exercise is done for 10 to 12 repetitions per set.

Low Pulley Cable Crossover

Another variation of the cable press is the cable crossover. As per Muscle and Fitness, the pulleys are slid all the way down the rail. The exercise has the same stance as the cable press, but this time, the palms are facing up. The person also keeps his elbows mildly bent and fixed as he pulls his hands together in front of his chest and squeezes the muscles at the top of the contraction. Then, he returns to the initial position and repeats the movement.

Pec Deck Fly

Another machine exercise that improves chest mas is the pec deck fly. According to Ex Rx, the person prepares for the routine by sitting on the machine with the back on pad. If the machine has a lever, he pushes the foot lever until the padded lever moves forward. Then, he places his forearms on the padded lever and then positions the upper arms until they are approximately parallel. After that, the person releases the foot level. Once done, the person pushes the levers together, contracting the chest muscles, and then returns until a stretch is felt on the muscles. The exercise is done for the planned number of repetitions.

Overall, the chest can be trained using machines, dumbbells, and barbells. Along with the aforementioned exercises, total chest development is achieved through proper nutrition and adequate rest.

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