Magical Herbs for Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice is a way for you to heal yourself with the use of natural ingredients. However, this shouldn’t be considered as a replacement for traditional medicines but can be used as a way to support your healing or for making your overall health become better. Another thing about spiritual practice is that you don’t really need to believe in a certain religion but rather, it needs an open mind. You see, the more positive and open you are to the possibilities of spiritual practice and healing, the better your body will respond to this type of treatment.

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Of course, when we are talking about spiritual practice or healing, there are certain herbs that can help enhance the process. Here are a few that you should take advantage of.


Basil, which is also referred to as St. John’s Wort, is a common ingredient in many kitchens. Not only is it actually good for making your meals more robust and healthy, but it can also be used for spiritual practice too. Basil is commonly associated with success, protection, purification, love, prosperity, and tranquility which makes this is a good addition to your spiritual practice.


Another herb that you should have in your spiritual practice is lavender. This particular herb is often associated with calmness with its magical properties leaning towards divination, healing, sleep, purification, and dreams among others. This is one of the reasons why lavender is such a popular choice for those who are looking for ways to calm themselves down at night.


Bay or sweet laurel was often used to crown the winners in games in Ancient Rome and Greece. In spiritual practice, bay is often associated with wisdom, success, as well as divination. You can actually write down your wish on the bay leaf before burning it or placing it under your pillow so that you will be guided in your dreams on how to attain your goals.

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This is another herb that has a lot of purpose in spiritual practice as its main function is to enhance one’s focus. With regards to its magical properties, rosemary is often used for purification, love, protection, banishing, and sleep. Burning some rosemary oil or inhaling the scent of rosemary leaves can actually help sharpen your mental faculties which can be useful if your mind starts to wander.


Well, cinnamon is a must-have in any spiritual practice because it actually contains a lot of energy. Even a small pinch of cinnamon can actually enhance anything. With regards to its magical properties, cinnamon is often used in healing, energy, prosperity, success, and purification just to name a few. Adding a pinch of it to your meals can be good for your health too.


This particular herb is often linked to being inspired probably because of its unique scent. This plant is also useful when it comes to healing, purification, invigorating, and protection. Eucalyptus is often used in treating colds, cough, and even inflammation too which makes this quite potent. No wonder it is often used in many herbal remedies because of its ability to heal.


Clove is a prominent ingredient in the kitchen but it does more than just making your meal taste good. It is actually useful in terms of enhancing one’s mental ability, protection, healing, and purification all of which come handy nowadays. You can make a charm out of angelica, three cloves, rosemary, and a pinch of salt in a sachet that is tied with a red ribbon or thread to prevent any negativity from entering your space.

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