Magnificent Beauty Uses of Milk

A bottle of milk in your fridge may actually be applied topically to help you look your best. It’s so effective that this highly nutritious white liquid can render many cosmetic products on the market useless. Continue reading to learn some of the marvelous beauty uses of milk. By the way, the milk being talked about here is the raw and whole kind.

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Facial Cleanser

Most facial cleansers contain harsh ingredients that can irritate especially sensitive skin. Also, many of them tend to leave behind certain chemicals that can clog up pores, something which can pave the way for breakouts. Milk is one of the mildest facial cleansers on the planet because it helps remove dirt and excess oils without causing any unfavorable side effects. Simply apply on the facial area with a cotton ball. Afterwards, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Skin Moisturizer

Dryness, cracking, peeling, itchiness and fine lines — all of these things are clear signs that your skin could use some good moisturizing. Milk is an all-natural and inexpensive skin moisturizer. Simply apply generous amounts of it on dry skin using a cotton ball. Get rid of the stickiness by rinsing it off with water after a few minutes. It’s also a great idea to combine whole milk with mashed banana for extra moisturizing and softening action.

Dead Skin Remover

Thanks to the mild acids naturally present in milk, this nutrient-dense liquid may be used to eliminate dead skin cells and leave your complexion glowing. Boost the exfoliating power of milk by adding some brown sugar or raw oatmeal in it before massaging it on your face using small, circular motions. Unlike most exfoliating preparations on the market, this DIY dead skin remover out of delicious milk is so gentle that it won’t damage your skin.

Dark Spot Lightener

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Milk may help make dark spots caused by blemishes and too much sun exposure become lighter. Again, it’s due to the fact that milk contains mild acids. All you need to do is combine equal amounts of whole milk and potato juice which you may obtain by grating a raw piece of potato. The best time to apply this homemade skin lightener is before bedtime to give it plenty of time to neutralize those unwanted melanin.

Pore Refiner

If you’re bugged by large pores, all you have to do is reach for that bottle of milk in the fridge to enjoy lovelier skin even when observed up close. Milk works just as great as commercially-available toners in removing traces of dirt as well as shrinking large pores. To enjoy noticeable results, it’s a good idea to apply whole milk while it’s still cold in order to really make those enlarged skin pores of yours less noticeable.

Foot Relaxer

At the end of a tiring day, it can be very soothing to have a luxurious foot soak. For this stress-busting activity, you don’t really have to get your hands on one of those expensive foot bath crystals. All you have to do is mix 1 liter of lukewarm water, 2 cups of milk heated in the microwave, 4 tablespoons of salt and a few drops of your favorite shampoo in a small basin. Soak your foot in it for several minutes or until the mixture is no longer warm.

Deep Conditioner

Some hair conditioners on the market contain milk to help make hair super soft and shiny. You don’t really have to buy one of these pricey products for as long as there’s milk in the fridge. Come up with a cheap yet effective deep conditioner by mixing plain yogurt, mayonnaise and a few drops of whole milk. Massage on the scalp and hair, and put on a shower cap. After about 30 to 40 minutes, shampoo your hair.

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