How to Make Crispy Oyster Mushrooms

Looking for a healthy and delicious treat to serve to your visiting relatives or friends that won’t take forever to make? There’s something that you may whip up in just half an hour, and all you have to do is check out the simple recipe below for making crispy oyster mushrooms!

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Oyster mushrooms are some of the healthiest foods on the planet. Whether you are trying to lose weight or keeping your heart out of harm’s way, the addition of some oyster mushrooms to your diet is a fantastic idea.

Here are some of the reasons why oyster mushrooms are so good for you:

They are very low in calories and free of fat

If you are a figure-conscious individual, just go ahead and have some oyster mushrooms — there is no guilt at all because they won’t make your waistline expand.

They contain no cholesterol

Have you been told by your doctor that your bad cholesterol is almost beyond the healthy range? Include more oyster mushrooms in your diet because they are free of bad cholesterol.

They help lower the blood pressure

One of the many nutrients present in oyster mushrooms is potassium which, as everybody knows, is very good at keeping high blood pressure at bay.

They strengthen the immune system

There are a couple of things in oyster mushrooms that can help in lowering your risk of going down with upper respiratory tract infections, and they are vitamin C and zinc.

They also help lift your mood

Oyster mushrooms are wonderful sources of vitamin D which is known as a mood regulator, and thus they can help save you from having to face bouts of mild depression.

They lower osteoporosis risk

Nutrition experts say that there is calcium in oyster mushrooms, and that is why regularly eating them can help strengthen your bones, lowering your chance of having osteoporosis.

So many other health benefits are also offered by oyster mushrooms aside from the ones mentioned above, but you may already be so excited to learn how to make crispy oyster mushrooms from scratch and in just half an hour. So without keeping you waiting any longer, here’s the really easy crispy oyster mushroom recipe:


150 grams of oyster mushrooms 

100 grams of all-purpose flour 

100 milligrams of water 

1 medium-sized egg 

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1 tablespoon of minced garlic 

1 teaspoon of ground coriander  

1 teaspoon of finely-ground sea salt 

1/2 teaspoon of white pepper 

1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar 

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda


-Transfer oyster mushrooms in a colander and rinse very well under running water. Shake to remove excess water. Afterwards, pat oyster mushrooms with several pieces of kitchen paper. 

-In a large mixing bowl, combine water, egg, minced garlic, ground coriander, sea salt, white pepper, brown sugar and baking soda. Mix very well until thick. This will serve as the batter. 

-Place oyster mushrooms in the batter and gently stir until all of the pieces are coated. 

-Deep fry coated mushroom in coconut oil using medium heat. Deep fry small batches of oyster mushrooms at a time as overcrowding can keep you from ending up with perfectly crisp oyster mushrooms. 

-Transfer already browned and crispy oyster mushrooms to a large plate that’s lined with a few pieces of kitchen towel to get rid of excess coconut oil. 

-Transfer to a large serving tray and enjoy.

See how really quick and easy it is to make crispy oyster mushrooms? Of course it’s a good idea to serve it with your favorite condiment, be it tomato sauce, ketchup or hot sauce.

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