How to Make Grapefruit Peel Tea

The next time you eat some grapefruits or turn them into juice, don’t throw away those peels. What you need to do instead is stash them in a resealable plastic bag that’s freezer-safe, and then keep them in your freezer. That’s because you can easily turn those peels into tea that tastes awesome and offers numerous benefits!

Being citrus fruits, we all know how good grapefruits are for the body. They are packed with vitamin C that helps make the immune system strong, thus lowering your risk of the common cold and flu.

However, there are so many other roles that vitamin C play other than keeping an infection of the upper respiratory tract at bay. For instance, did you know that vitamin C can help save your skin from becoming saggy and wrinkly? That’s because vitamin C is required by the body for the production of collagen — it’s the same substance found in those super expensive beauty products that claim to help turn back the hands of time.

Some of the vitamin C content of grapefruits can be found in their peels, and tossing those peels in the trash can is like throwing away opportunities to be infection-free and young-looking. To take advantage of the health and beauty benefits they bring, it’s a wonderful idea to turn them into tea.

Whether or not you are fond of drinking herbal teas, it’s for certain that you are going to love every cup of freshly-brewed grapefruit peel tea. That’s because it has a delightfully mild citrusy flavor and taste. Because there’s a tiny hint of bitterness, someone who isn’t into drinking herbal tea may simply add a teaspoon of honey to it.

If you are trying to lose some unwanted pounds, you will surely be thrilled to make yourself a cup of grapefruit peel tea on a regular basis. It’s because every serving of it offers weight loss benefits! According to scientists, the intake of grapefruit peel tea can help in curbing one’s appetite, thus helping to reduce your total caloric intake by saving you from overeating and having snacks, most especially the unhealthy kinds.

Have you come across appetite-suppressing pills that contain grapefruit extracts? Well, consuming a cup of grapefruit peel tea is like popping those pills in your mouth, but a lot safer — no one can tell what other chemicals those weight loss pills contain other than grapefruit extracts.

So here are the steps to making a cup of grapefruit peel tea extract:

Take the resealable plastic bag containing grapefruit peels out of the freezer. 

Get about 1/8th of the peel of one grapefruit. 

Put back the plastic bag in the freezer immediately. 

Carefully, chop up the peel into smaller pieces. 

Place them in a cup of hot water. Allow to steep for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Fish out the peels with a fork. 

Consume while hot.

This is how you can whip up a cup of grapefruit peel tea very easily. You may add a little honey to taste.

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