How to Make Pistachio Spread (And Why Spread It On)

Wondering what else could you make with that gigantic bag of pistachios in your kitchen other than being excellent snacks while watching late-night TV? Then continue reading! This article will teach you how to make healthy and spreadable pistachio spread. And later on, too, you will learn why you should spread it on.

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Many different nuts can be turned into spreads, and peanuts are definitely leading the pack. What makes peanuts so perfect for spread making is the fact that it’s so full of flavor.

It’s exactly for the same reason why pistachios are superb for turning into spread. So tasty and delightful that you can smear pistachio spread on practically anything, from breads to apples. You may also place a spoonful of it on your smoothie, oatmeal, yogurt, vegetable salad, ice cream and pancakes for a mega protein boost!

Clearly, a jar of homemade pistachio spread can come in handy no matter if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner — the unique buttery taste of pistachios can make anything and everything more palatable.

You might think that it can be a challenging task to whip up pistachio spread in your very own kitchen. Provided that you know how to operate an oven and food processor, then you are not going to have a hard time making a jar of it. Grabbing pistachio spread at your local supermarket is a lot easier, but where’s the thrill in that?

Here’s the super simple recipe for making pistachio spread from scratch:


4 cups of unsalted pistachios (shelled) 

2 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup 

1/2 teaspoon of sea salt (finely ground) 

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder


-Have your oven preheated to 180°C — that’s about 350°F. 

-In the meantime, grab a large baking sheet and then spread pistachios across it. 

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-Place the baking sheet in the oven and allow pistachios to roast for 5 to 8 minutes. Carefully shake the baking tray mid cooking time to make sure that pistachios will be evenly roasted. 

-It’s a good idea to keep an eye on them. Once lightly browned and fragrant, take pistachios out of the oven. 

-Place the baking sheet on a wire rack and allow pistachios to cool for about 10 minutes. 

-Transfer pistachios in the bowl of your food processor. Process until the texture is smooth and creamy. 

-Add honey or maple syrup, sea salt and cinnamon powder. Process again until blended very well. 

-Transfer to a jar with a cover and then keep in the refrigerator.

See how really easy it is to come up with homemade pistachio spread? It’s delightfully spreadable and delicious, plus it also offers numerous health benefits. Every spreading that you make allows you to enjoy the following:

Lowered bad cholesterol

Each serving of pistachio spread supplies the body with good cholesterol, which is something that takes bad cholesterol, the kind that can clog the arteries and increase heart disease risk, to the liver so that it can be flushed out of the body effectively.

Reduced constipation risk

This homemade treat comes loaded with fiber, and that’s why including it in your diet on a regular basis allows you to be, well, regular. A diet that’s high in fiber, according to experts, may also reduce a person’s chance of having colon cancer.

Increased muscle mass

Especially if you are a vegetarian, your refrigerator should never be without a jar of this DIY pistachio spread. That’s because it supplies your body with impressive amounts of protein that you need for building muscles as well as repairing them.

Eliminated excess pounds

Thanks to its high protein content, pistachio spread can keep hunger pangs at bay and also rev up the metabolism. If you want, you may reduce the amount of honey or maple syrup, or simply have it replaced with an all-natural sugar substitute like stevia.

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