How to Make Sunflower Seed Brittles

Would you rather grab a large bag of potato chips rather than reach for a handful of sunflower seeds because the latter are so uninteresting to eat? After reading this article, the way you look at snacking on some sunflower seeds will change because it will teach you how to make crunchy and delicious sunflower seed brittles.

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Terrified at the word brittle because, by personal experience, you know how challenging and extremely fussy it is to make just about any type of brittle imaginable? Well, panic not because the recipe below for making sunflower seed brittles is guaranteed to be the simplest of its kind — no candy thermometer or any other fancy tool needed!

But before we take a look at the said recipe that won’t make you break a sweat, let us first devote a little of our time and energy to the star ingredients of the recipe below, which are sunflower seeds.

Including sunflower seeds in your diet on a regular basis is a fantastic idea because, although they are very small, they tend to offer some really big health benefits. And one of the best ways to throw some sunflower seeds into your life is by snacking on them. Alas, so many people find munching on sunflower seeds extremely boring!

Here are some of the things you are missing out on for being uninterested in eating sunflower seeds:

Lowered bad cholesterol.

According to doctors, sunflower seeds have impressive amounts of phytoesterols that are scientifically-proven to help lower LDL or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, or what everybody outside the medical field refer to as bad cholesterol.

Optimized cardiovascular health

One more reason why sunflower seeds are good for your heart is they are loaded with vitamin E. A type of antioxidant, vitamin E is particularly good at defending your ticker and blood vessels from those damaging free radicals.

Lifted mood

Do you often find yourself feeling down? Then consider snacking on a handful of sunflower seeds. It’s for the fact that they are phenomenal sources of magnesium, a nutrient that is known to help lift the mood and combat mild cases of depression.

Reduced osteoporosis risk

Everyone knows that calcium is important for keeping the bones strong. However, not too many people know that there are some minerals that assist calcium in doing its job, and magnesium present in sunflower seeds is just one of them.

Boosted thyroid functioning

There are many problems that can stem from a poorly-functioning thyroid because this gland secretes hormones that regulate various bodily functions. To keep it healthy, your thyroid requires selenium, and it can be obtained from sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds offer many other perks, but this article is really intended to teach you how to come up with sunflower seed brittles in the easiest way possible. So without any more ado, let’s get started!


1 cup of sunflower seeds (dry roasted) 

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1 cup of brown sugar 

1 tablespoon of butter (unsalted) 

1/4 teaspoon of finely-ground sea salt


-Lightly grease a baking sheet and have it buttered. Set aside. 

-Reach for a saucepan and melt unsalted butter in it. 

-Add sunflower seeds and sprinkle sea salt. Mix very well. 

-Turn the stove to very low heat to keep sunflower seeds warm. 

-In a skillet, melt 1 cup of brown sugar. Make sure that you stir constantly. 

-Once fully melted, pour sunflower seeds into it. Mix very well. 

-Transfer sunflower seeds and melted brown sugar mix to the baking sheet that you earlier lightly greased. 

-Using a wooden spoon, flatten to a square measuring about 10 inches per side. 

-Allow to cool completely. Break into smaller pieces and stash in an airtight container.

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