Make Your Own Pore Strips at Home

Are you obsessed with looking beautiful as well as stretching your shopping budget? Read on! This article will show you how to come up with cheap yet highly effective pore strips.

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Pore strips are very popular beauty products because they make the removal of blackheads and shrinkage of pores an easy task. These days, you can easily get your hands on a pack of pore strips at the nearest pharmacy, convenient store and beauty bar. Using them is trouble-free too — you place them on your nose, wait for a few minutes and peel off.

The problem with today’s pore strips is many of them do not really come cheap. Especially if you like to stick to a regular beauty regimen, it is very easy for you to end up with an enormous hole in your pocket due to all the pore strips you need to purchase and use for the attainment of perfection.

The good news is you don’t have to go broke just to look like a million dollar celebrity. It’s because making your own pore strips at home is possible, allowing you to save a lot of cash and at the same time have easy access to a beauty solution that helps in dealing with both blackheads and large pores. Making your own pore strips at home is also fun and rewarding. It’s not unlikely for your friends to dub you as the beauty authority of the group!

You can come up with homemade pore strips in a couple of ways — one is super easy and the other is on the challenging side because it requires more ingredients. But who is afraid of a little challenge?

Homemade Pore Strips #1


• Medium-sized egg


• Kitchen paper towel
• Small plate


1. Crack open an egg. Place the egg white on a small plate. Save the yolk for other purposes.
2. Cut a small piece of kitchen paper towel, the size of a typical pore strip.
3. Dip your kitchen towel in egg white. Lift and allow excess egg white to drip for a while.
4. Place neatly on your nose.
5. Wait for several minutes or until the area already feels taut. Gently remove the pore strip.

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This homemade pore strip is very good at removing black heads. Since egg white is rich in protein, it also helps in nourishing skin. Unlike most commercially-available pore strip, this DIY pore strip out of egg white and a small piece of kitchen paper towel won’t cause irritation. More importantly, it’s so easy on your pocket.

Also, you may cut several strips of paper kitchen towel, dip them in egg white, and place all over your face and even on your neck. This is a great solution for shrinking large pores, as well as removing excess oils and tightening your skin.

Homemade Pore Strips #2


• 1 tablespoon of gelatin (unflavored)
• 2 tablespoons of whole milk


• Popsicle stick
• Small glass bowl


1. Place a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin in the small glass bowl.
2. Add your 2 tablespoons of milk into it. Stir using your popsicle stick.
3. If the resulting mixture is too chunky, you may add a few more drops of milk.
4. Microwave for 10 to 15 seconds only.
5. Stir furthermore and make sure that the mixture is not scalding hot.
6. Apply a thin layer on your nose.
7. Allow it to stay there for about 15 minutes or when it’s already dry.
8. Start peeling.

Again, this is a cheaper alternative to most pore strips you can buy on the current market. Despite of this, it’s very effective in eliminating black heads, making your pores appear not only smaller but cleaner. Save the rest of your powdered unflavored gelatin for your subsequent beauty regimens!

Go ahead and feel free to apply the resulting mixture all over your face. This is a great way to have your pores refined, saving you from blackheads and breakouts.

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