Make Your Own Vitamin C Serum at Home

Vitamin C serum — it’s all the rage these days in the anti-aging universe! While it’s true that this product can really combat those wrinkles, it is also something that can flatten your wallet due to its very steep price tag!

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Because vitamin C serum can actually provide what is says on the packaging, it’s no wonder why it costs a lot more than your average anti-aging product. It provides your skin with higher concentrations of vitamin C compared to a different wrinkle-busting solution that contains the said nutrient. On today’s market, there are vitamin C serums that have 10 percent concentration perfect for first-time users, and then there are also variants within 15 to 20 percent concentration range ideal for using milder vitamin C serums for some time already.


Not willing to overshoot your shopping budget for a product that is very good at keeping the skin young-looking, according to many who swear by it? Fret not because it is possible to come up with your own vitamin C serum at home! You can have one of the most significant breakthroughs in the skincare industry without the need to spend a lot of cash. After getting your hands on a few easy-to-obtain ingredients, you can start whipping up a bottle of your very own C serum. It may not bear the logo of a popular brand, but you can be sure that it can deliver!


Before we proceed with making this DIY vitamin C serum, let us first take a look at some of the benefits to enjoy for leaving your anti-aging needs to this product adored by many women these days:

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  • It shields your skin cells from free radicals and even renews damaged ones. Vitamin C found abundantly in the product is an antioxidant known to be very good for the skin because it effectively neutralizes free radicals before they damage healthy skin cells. Applying vitamin C serum regularly can help your skin stay young-looking by protecting the skin cells against free radical damage.


  • The anti-aging product helps promote collagen production. As you may already know, collagen is a kind of protein that’s important for keeping the skin soft and firm. Sadly, the production of collagen tends to wane as you get older. It’s a good thing that something as simple as applying vitamin C serum on your skin can help in the synthesis of more collagen, leaving your skin free of wrinkles.


  • Vitamin C serum makes your complexion glow. It’s no secret that vitamin C has superb skin lightening effects, and that’s why the likes of lemons, papayas and other vitamin C-rich fruits are commonly used as home remedies for scars and uneven pigmentation. If you want to lighten dark scars, even out your skin tone or enjoy a radiant complexion, count on vitamin C.


  • Using it helps reduce the effects of unnecessary sun exposure. According to the experts, vitamin C helps shield your skin from sun damage and risk of skin cancer by making the dermal layer thicker. Also, vitamin C is capable of reversing some of the most unfavorable effects of the sun, such as liver spots. However, do take note that vitamin C serum is not intended as a replacement for sunscreen!


These are the reasons why a lot of women who want to remain young-looking forever are currently going gaga over vitamin C serum. If you want to enjoy all of these beauty perks without leaving your budget in shambles, read on! The following is a simple guide to making homemade vitamin C serum.




  • 1/2 teaspoon of all-natural vitamin C powder


  • 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin


  • 1 teaspoon distilled water




  1. In a small bowl, dissolve vitamin C powder in 1 teaspoon of distilled water.


  1. Add into the mixture your 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin.


  1. Use a small funnel to transfer your homemade vitamin C serum in a small amber (dark-colored) bottle.


That’s how hassle-free it is to come up with your very own vitamin C serum! Keep the bottle inside the fridge for longevity. To apply your DIY vitamin C serum, first dampen your face with water. Once dry, smooth it on!

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