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Makeup Rules That Dark Skinned Girls Should Ignore

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Makeup is an art that doesn’t really require any rules. Most of these rules were made a long time ago and can be ridiculous. Most of them have become obsolete over the years, thanks to new products and techniques that make application a lot easier. These rules can also lessen our ability to express ourselves. Though, some of these rules were created to help guide us in the right direction. Not stop us from using it and avoiding it completely. Rules regarding skin tones are the most popular ones. Light skin tones should never use things that can wash out their complexion. Dark skin should never use nudes or do smoky eyes. We have to remember that some of these rules were created by targeting a certain skin tone and generalizing them as a whole. Light skinned rules often apply to pale faces, but not ones that have yellow undertones. Dark skin rules are especially construed in a generalize direction. There are so many dark skin tone shades to consider and of course facial features. If you have dark skin, read on about common dark skinned rules you have to ignore.

Skip The Bronzer

Bronzers can be used by different skin tones. People from light to dark skin tone can pull it off. Bronzers are actually better for people with darker skin tone. It appears more natural and give that glowing appearance. The only thing that can make it look unappealing on dark skin tones is using the wrong color or using the wrong technique. Never go a shade lighter than your complexion. It can give that skin that unnatural oily appearance. Using shades that are darker can give that skin that natural glow. Avoid applying in targeted areas with small brushes. Keep it light using a large brush and gentle sweeping motions. Do not apply it on the middle sections of your cheeks and philtrum to keep it natural.

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Avoiding Bright Colors

Here’s a common fact, when it comes to color. The lighter the skin tone the more visible it becomes, but the darker the skin tone easier to pull off. Bright colors look great on dark skin because it does not wash it out. Colors such as orange, yellow, blue and pink look great on dark skin because it pops on the skin. Neon eyeshadows or highly pigmented lipstick looks great on dark skin. Don’t be afraid to try bold colors. Not all colors look good on skin, but this applies on all skin tones. You’ll never know which ones look good if you don’t try.

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No Pastel Colors

Pastels are hard colors to pull off, no matter your skin tone. Though, it is an old myth that pastel colors look unflattering on darker skin tones. If done the wrong way, it can wash out the face and make it appear tired. However, if used properly with the right technique and shade pastels will work perfectly on any skin tone. The first things you have to consider when choosing pastel is your undertones. Do you have warm undertones? Go for pastel purple, blues or aqua. Do you have cool undertones? Pick colors that are warm like pastel pinks or yellow.

Don’t Use Blush

There is an old belief that people with darker skin tone should not use blush. It is said to look unnatural on darker skin and appear too cartoon-ish. If you consider the limited shades there was for blushes a few years back then this rule is completely reasonable. However, now there are more varied and colors to choose from. Blushes, that vary from deep reds to light browns. Brick reds, deep rose and dark peaches are great on darker skin tones. These types of shades look great on the skin since it pops out without looking too unnatural. Though, you have to avoid lighter shades. It can make the face look dull and lifeless.


There are a lot of colors to avoid when it comes to lipstick. Especially for people with darker skin. Though, you have to understand that lipstick shades look different for each skin tone. One color may look bad for people with light skin one can look bad on darker skin. The colors, however are a lot better now than they were a few years back. Colors that were considered unflattering to dark skin tones such as deep reds and mauve are more adaptable.

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When it comes to beauty and makeup, there are a lot of Don’ts when it comes to dark skin. You hear a lot of these rules and they often stick. You tend to follow these makeup rules and limit yourself to certain color, shades, looks and application. Never put yourself in a box. Especially ones that require creativity and style. One makeup look can be good for one person and look bad for the other, disregarding your skin tone. You will never know which style will look good if you never try. 

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