Making a Big Splash: Top Benefits of Water Aerobics

Some exercises are simply more fun than the rest. Take for example water aerobics — you are in a cool environment and there’s no need to lift heavy objects. It’s also something that’s easy on the pocket as you don’t have to shell out cash for pricey workout shoes and equipment. But despite of being enjoyable and budget-friendly, water aerobics can deliver! It’s a wonderful muscle strengthener and endurance builder. It is also an excellent burner of calories and fat. No wonder it’s constantly making a big splash!

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Are you thinking of trying water aerobics to stay healthy and fit? Here are the benefits of this very popular and exciting form of exercise that you should know about before you start to jump in that pool:


It Makes You More Flexible

Flexibility allows you to carry out all sorts of physical activities with reduced risk of ending up with an injury, and it’s something that can be greatly improved with the help of water aerobics. All the movements you need to perform against the resistance provided by water help improve the joints’ strength as well as range of motion.


Water Aerobics Increases Your Endurance

It may seem as though that doing water aerobics is effortless. But wait until you are actually in the water! Water, unlike weights and bands, provides resistance that feels more natural, and this is a good thing — the mild straining you need to perform helps in gradually increasing your endurance, allowing you to power through life’s challenges.


This Exercise Strengthens the Muscles

Do you want to gain muscle strength without looking like a bodybuilder? Incorporate water aerobics into your regular workout regimen. Every movement you do is countered by the unpredictable motion of water, which helps build muscle strength slowly but surely. Who needs to pump iron when you can have fun splashing in the water?


It’s Very Friendly to Your Joints


Water aerobics is definitely for you if your knees hurt after brisk walking or your lower back aches after bicycling. That’s because the very popular mode of exercise is very friendly to the joints. Because you feel weightless in water, your weight-bearing joints are relieved of unnecessary stress as you waddle your way to a fitter you.


Water Aerobics Burns Lots of Calories

Although it seems like you are just having some fun with a bunch of people, water aerobics is actually a great combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. It’s exactly for this reason why it is something that can really burn those unwanted calories. So if you want to attain the figure of your dreams, jump in that pool and start having fun!


The Workout Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Do you have high blood pressure and your doctor recommends for you to exercise on a regular basis? Then consider water aerobics as a part of your plan to have your blood pressure normalized. All the movements you perform in the water helps improve circulation, thus bringing back the blood pressure as well as heart rate within normal range.


It Helps Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Some people feel stressed or anxious during and after performing strenuous exercises. If you are one of them, it is a great idea to try water aerobics. Being in the water is definitely a soothing experience, allowing you to obtain your regular dose of exercise without making you feel stressed out or causing your anxiety to kick in.


Water Aerobics Keeps Exhaustion at Bay

Especially during hot summer days, working out can be very draining! Not while you’re in a swimming pool! You can think of water aerobics as something that lets you exercise while at the same time remain cool. And the more you commit to water aerobics, the more summer- and poolside-perfect your body becomes.

Do come back and share your experiences below after trying water aerobics!

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