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Maple Syrup Benefits You Didn’t Know About

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Not everything that’s thick and really sweet is bad for you. Take for example the likes of honey and maple syrup. Yup, everyone is aware that honey is good for you — but maple syrup? Well, it all depends on the bottle of maple syrup you have because some maple syrups on the current market are not maple syrups at all!

In this article, we will tackle the different health benefits of maple syrup. After reading, you will surely realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with using maple syrup as your source of sweetness instead of refined sugar as well as those artificial sweeteners that are linked to a host of health problems.

However, it’s important that the bottle of maple syrup you have is the real deal if you want to enjoy all the health perks that will be mentioned below. If you are not that confident with your maple syrup-buying prowess, worry not. The next time you are at the supermarket, follow these tips to get the right kind of maple syrup:

  • Check the packaging. See to it that the product is 100 percent pure maple syrup, and not something that’s sweetened by corn syrup or artificial flavorings.
  • Go for darker. A lot of people prefer grade B maple syrup which possesses a darker color. Another nice thing about grade B maple syrup is it packs more taste and antioxidants.
  • Pick a region that suits your taste. Maple syrups differ from each other in taste, sweetness and consistency, depending on which part of the planet they’re made.
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That’s it — you don’t really have to remember a lot of things the next time you are on the hunt for maple syrup that can add sweetness to your life without ruining your health. Bear in mind these tips and you will surely go home with the perfect maple syrup. Of course it is still very important to use maple syrup in moderation. After all, too much of anything — yes, including something healthy — can be bad for you.

Without any more ado, here are some of the top health benefits that maple syrup brings:

It Fights Off Inflammation

Thanks to the impressive amounts of antioxidants in maple syrup, adding a little of it to your daily diet can help prevent inflammation. Needless to say, maple syrup can help lower your odds of having inflammatory diseases like arthritis, obesity and even type 2 diabetes.

It May Protect You From Cancer

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Antioxidants in maple syrup may also save the cells from mutating, which is basically the root cause of cancer. Unlike some types of artificial sweeteners out there which are said to be carcinogens, maple syrup can make all sorts of treats taste better without leaving you in grave fear of cancer.

It Wards Off Digestive Issues

Using maple syrup as your sweetener can keep you from putting up with all sorts of digestive problems. Refined sugar use is linked to leaky gut, candida and other issues. On the other hand, most artificial sweeteners are said to cause bloating, constipation and cramping.

It Boosts Your Immunity

Unlike refined sugar and artificial sweeteners that are devoid of vitamins and minerals, maple syrup is actually teeming with nutrients. It’s for this reason why it can help make your immune system strong. Experts say that zinc in maple syrup is especially good at bolstering your immunity.

It Lets You Look Fantastic

We all know that antioxidants are good for your skin because they save the skin cells from being wrecked by free radicals. The addition of maple syrup in your diet in moderate amounts can help slow down the process of aging, thus saving your skin from developing fine lines and wrinkles prematurely.

It May Prevent Heart Problems

Because there are plenty of antioxidants in maple syrup, it is something that may help in reducing your chances of having heart disease. That’s because antioxidants can help lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, both of which can lead to heart disease if left untreated.

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