Medicinal Benefits of Lady’s Slipper (#6 Will Give You Sweet Dreams)

Are you fond of growing orchids? Then it’s a wonderful idea for you to cultivate lady’s slipper in your garden. Not only will it make your garden look more stunning, but also enable you to have quick access to a home remedy for many different concerns, from anxiety to those darned PMS symptoms!

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Lady’s slipper is one of those plants that have very interesting names. It’s because of the fact that the flowers of the said orchid have sac-like lower lips, making them look like moccasins.

There are actually about 50 types of lady’s slipper around, scattered across the globe from North America, Europe to Asia. Because of this, it’s quite inevitable for it to be called by so many other names. Some of them include hairy yellow lady’s slipper, Venus’ shoe, slipper root, bleeding heart, monkey flower, and American valerian.

No matter what it’s called, one thing remains true — lady’s slipper is a very beautiful orchid with amazing health benefits. Here are some of the medicinal properties that it’s known to possess:

It Helps Relieve Stress

Lady’s slipper is revered for its ability to lower a person’s stress levels, thus reducing his or her risk of suffering from the many different ill effects of chronic stress to the body.

It Eases Tension Headaches

One of the most annoying types of headaches out there is the tension kind, and it’s something commonly experienced by those who are constantly stressed. Lady’s slipper is known to be very good against tension headaches. So in other words, not only can it combat stress, but also one of its common symptoms.

It Alleviates Cramps

Athletes and health buffs can benefit tremendously from the use of lady’s slipper because this herb is proven time and again to be an excellent remedy for those painful muscle cramps.

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It Decreases PMS Symptoms

Speaking of muscle cramps, a lot of women swear by the effectiveness of lady’s slipper in relieving them as well a bunch of other pesky PMS symptoms. Lady’s slipper is also known to have mild mood-balancing properties, which is something that can benefit women who are constantly bugged by PMS.

It Reduces Mild Depression

Because of its ability to balance the mood, lady’s slipper may prove to be helpful for individuals who are battling mild depression, keeping the problem from worsening or having to be treated via pharmaceutical means.

It Provides Insomnia Relief

One of the most popular medicinal uses of lady’s slipper is for dealing with insomnia. That’s because it has mild yet very effective sedative properties. When taken at bedtime in tea form, lady’s slipper is known to provide anyone who is battling insomnia with the opportunity to have a good night’s sleep.

It Also Helps Relieve Anxiety

Since it has sedating abilities, it’s not uncommon for lady’s slippers to be recommended for those who suffer from anxiety. The intake of this orchid is said to help calm the mind, keeping anxious thoughts at bay. Naturally, the physical symptoms of anxiety (e.g. palpitation, tremors, muscle tension, etc.) are relived in the process.

It Soothes Nerve Pain

Lady’s finger is also commonly employed for relieving nerve pain, or what is known in the medical world as neuralgia. Needless to say, the orchid is commonly used as a remedy for various conditions that cause neuralgia.

CAUTION: Refrain from using lady’s slipper or any other herbal plant for medicinal or therapeutic purposes without the direct supervision of an experienced herbalist. Similarly, make sure that you talk with your health care provider beforehand, most especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or diagnosed with a condition.

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