Medicinal Properties of Stone Bramble

Stone bramble is a shrub that bears edible red berries that are packed with antioxidants. What’s so wonderful about this plant is its various parts can be used for medicinal purposes, such as for treating diarrhea and even dysentery.

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Stone bramble likes to grow in shady rocks and stony woods, but it’s not uncommon for it to also thrive in meadows. The name is based on the fact that the red berries it produces have large stones in them. These berries, by the way, are just about 1 to 1.5 centimeters in diameter, and they consist of only a few drupelets or segments.

While highly edible, the berries of stone bramble can be acidic, but still agreeable to the taste buds. Because of the way they taste, they are commonly turned into jams, jellies and candies. They are also oftentimes used for giving certain foods and beverages a purple or pale blue color.

Both the roots and leaves of stone bramble can be used for medicinal purposes. In fact, they are being employed for lots of years now as natural remedies for a handful of health problems, including most especially those that concern the gut and upper portion of the respiratory system. The aerial parts of stone bramble are usually turned into a decoction.

Let’s now take a look at some of the medicinal purposes of stone bramble:

It Reduces Oxidative Stress

The edible red berries of stone bramble make for a great addition to the diet as they are packed with antioxidants that fight off free radicals. By having those free radicals zapped, oxidative stress can be reduced. Doctors link a host of health concerns to oxidative stress, ranging from heart disease to cancer.

It Slows Down Skin Aging

Beauty-conscious individuals should consume stone bramble berries on a regular basis because they can benefit a lot from their high antioxidant content. You see, free radicals that are eliminated by antioxidants are also responsible for skin cell damage, which can cause the aging process of the skin to become accelerated.

It Controls Bleeding

The leaves of stone bramble have astringent properties, meaning that they can encourage the contraction of the various tissues of the body. This is the reason why a decoction of the leaves is employed by traditional healers in controlling certain types of bleeding, preventing unnecessary loss of blood.

It Also Helps Manage Diarrhea

Various herbs with astringent properties are commonly used for treating diarrhea, and stone bramble is one of those. For managing diarrhea, the roots of stone bramble are made into a decoction. When taken orally, mucus production in the colon is considerably reduced, thus helping to put an end to a bout of diarrhea.

It Cures Dysentery

Another very popular traditional use for a decoction out of stone bramble roots is for treating dysentery. A disorder concerning the lower part of the intestinal tract, dysentery is a form of inflammation that is due to bacteria, parasites or protozoan organisms, and it can cause many symptoms such as diarrhea with blood present in it.

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