Milk Spots: You Can Get Them Even If You Don’t Drink Milk

There are a couple of reasons why milk spots are called as such. First, they look like tiny droplets of milk strewn across the face. Second, they are very common in newborns. However, you don’t have to be drinking milk or a newborn just to have milk spots. Adults that hate or steer clear of milk may get them, too.

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If you are a beauty-conscious individual and you like to know more about milk spots, keep on reading. Below you will come across some really important matters you need to know about them, such as their causes, treatment and prevention.

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Simply put, having milk spots is due the buildup of skin cells that get trapped around the pores near the surface of the skin. Usually, such build up is eliminated naturally. However, there are instances in which it fails to happen, thus causing the formation of very tiny cysts on the surface of the skin.

In some cases, milk spots can be brought about by the clogging up of the sweat ducts. According to skin care experts, such is often due to trauma to the skin. You may end up with milk spots after undergoing certain cosmetic procedures that entails the use of laser or harsh chemicals.

Certain lifestyle factors can also be blamed for the appearance of milk spots. You can end up with them if you have poor personal hygiene, a smoker or someone who is deprived of sleep constantly. The use of oil-based make up or other cosmetic products can cause milk spots to form, too.


It’s important to note that milk spots tend to go away on their own. So in other words, all you have to do is wait for the trapped skin cells to reach the surface. Unfortunately, it can take a few weeks or even months for milk spots to get resolved naturally, but at least it’s completely cost-free.

Squeezing won’t do the trick. Unlike whiteheads or pimples, the whitish or yellowish coloration is not caused by pus. Actually, skin care experts highly suggest for anyone to refrain from squeezing as it can only make matters worse. Skin irritation or infection may strike as a result of such.

But if those milk spots are bothering you, paying a dermatologist may be done. He or she will get rid of those milk spots using a needle, lancing tool or comedone extractor. Worry not because professional removal of those milk spots is generally a safe and painless procedure.


The good news is keeping milk spots from showing up is rather easy. Most of the time, something as simple as exfoliating at least twice a week is effective enough. Refrain from constantly exfoliating because it will only irritate or damage your skin, causing problems more serious than milk spots.

Switching to make up or cosmetic products that are not oil-based is a good idea. Opting for anything that has a light formulation and also devoid of harsh ingredients can help in fending off milk spots. Thoroughly removing your make up before hitting the hay is important, too.

Doing some dietary and lifestyle changes can also help lower your risk of having milk spots. Adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and limiting your intake of sugary and fatty foods as well as processed ones are suggested. Getting enough sleep, quitting smoking and limiting sun exposure can be beneficial.

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