Mindful Practices to Start Your New Year Right

A New Year has just begun and with it, millions of people making resolutions on what they want to change, what they want to achieve, and what they are looking forward to in the months to come. However, with all the food binge and indulgences that we have done during the holidays, we are definitely in need to detox. But if you think that your body is the only one that needs to be refreshed, you might want to throw in your mind as well as your spirit in the mix.

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Fortunately, kickstarting your new year doesn’t have to be complicated or even require you to spend a lot just to feel better. These mindful practices are relatively simple but will give your 2019 a huge boost. Let’s get started.

Start a journal

A lot of people are guilty of starting a journal, but then eventually forget to fill the pages. The object of writing down on your journal is to simply record memories or events that happened to you on that day that you don’t want to forget. You are not obliged to write every day, as this can put pressure on you. Write down whenever it feels right for you, and if you can, place some memento too that will help you remind more of that day.

Minimize your screen time

We tend to spend most of our time glued to the screens of our computers, smartphones, and even our TV which may be harmful to us in the long run. What’s more, the more we pay attention to our gadgets, we become ineffective as communicators since our interaction with other people is through social media only. By minimizing your use of your gadgets, you’ll be able to be more sociable, plus, you’ll be able to drift off to sleep easily.

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Start small

If you’re just starting out with your New Year’s resolution, it is easy to become overwhelmed as the days progress. But if you are starting to feel that your plans for the year may be too much, don’t worry. Starting small is what’s important because taking small steps can jump start your progress. Whether it is waking up earlier than usual or making sure that you get your fitness plans rolling, everything begins with that small step.

Be curious

Doing the same things again and again, year after year, can be quite boring. Why limit yourself to the mundane activities, when you can actually go out and explore some more? This year, be more curious as to what is happening around you. Don’t be afraid to try new things such as starting a new hobby, travel to a new location, and so on. You’ll find that being curious opens you to a whole new world too.

Focus on your health

Another mindful practice that you should also focus on this year is your health. We can no longer say that we don’t have time to visit your doctor because of work. Your health should always come first no matter what. That being said, make sure that you appear during your doctor’s appointment this year. You’ll be much better off with paying more attention to your health.

Spend time for relaxation

With our busy schedules starting the year, it’s not surprising that we’ll feel a bit burned out after a few months. Now, you don’t really have to wait until you are feeling out of sorts before going for a bit of relaxation because you can easily incorporate this into your day. This can be something simple as diffusing essential oils, reading a book, or sipping wine while listening to relaxing music.

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