Mini Band Exercises for a Toned Body

A lot of people don’t have enough time to go to the gym given that they are juggling two to three jobs at a time on top of caring for their family. The idea of spending more than an hour in the gym is unthinkable for sure! But just because you have a lot of things to do, it doesn’t mean that you should forget your fitness. As a matter of fact, doing 10 minutes worth of exercise can do you a world of good. And what better way to improve your overall fitness than using a mini band in your exercise routine?

The mini-band is basically a small strip of rubber that can make your entire workout routine more challenging than before. Add to this the fact that it is portable and can be hidden even in the smallest of spaces, you won’t go wrong in using this for your fitness. Here are some mini band exercises that you can try out today.

  • Half-kneeling single arm row. Go into a half-kneeling position with your left foot in the front. Loop one end of the band on your left foot with the other end held by your right hand. Your arm should be extended towards your foot. Lean forward towards your front leg while keeping your back straight. Row your right arm to your side by pulling through your back and driving your right elbow upwards. Make sure that you don’t twist to the right as you execute the row. Go back to your first position and repeat.
  • Hip abductions. For this exercise, place your mini band around the ankles then stand about two feet away from a wall. Place your left hand against the wall and lean slightly towards it. Place your right hand on your hip. Raise your right foot out to your sides and as high as you can manage with the mini band. Go back to your first position. Repeat as many times as you can within 30 seconds then switch to the other foot then repeat the steps. Do another 30 seconds on your left leg.
  • Hip thrusters. If you’ve been sitting all day in front of your computer, this exercise is worth doing. You should loop the band around your hips then lie back on the floor. Place your feet flat on the floor then reach your hands at your sides to hold the band down. Tighten your core as you push your hips upwards by pressing down on your feet and upper back. You can tone your butt in the process by bringing your heels closer to your glutes. If you’re going to work on your hamstrings, move your feet farther away. Just make sure that your heels remain pressed on the floor as you perform a bridge.

These are just a few examples of mini band exercises that you can do within the day. Squeezing in 10 minutes of mini band workout in the morning, in between the day, or at night can help you burn calories while at the same time, tone your muscles too.

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