Morning Rituals to Keep You Healthy

Most of us are required to wake up early in the morning to prepare foods for the kids, go to school or get ready for work. Our morning routine and rituals can help us optimize and determine how our day is going to be. A little change in our morning routine can do wonders for our health. Practicing these healthy morning rituals will surely improve your quality of life and improve overall health.

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Morning Rituals to Try:
Exercising for 7 minutes every morning. Why seven you ask? Seven minutes is enough to get your much needed pick me upper without sacrificing too much time in your morning routine. Exercising for seven minutes in the morning can remove the sluggish feeling you had the night before and can sweat off that mild hangover. If you can sacrifice more of your time or wake up earlier you can go for a longer workout.

Never leave the house without eating. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. Grab your nearest fruit and vegetable if you’re running late. Eating later in the day will only slow down your metabolism, make you lose concentration and cranky. Make your morning meal healthier by creating a green smoothie. Making this smoothie will take a less longer time to make and can keep you energized till the afternoon. You can look up some amazing green smoothies online.

Write down what the three important things you need to accomplish that day. Keeping a clear schedule in the morning will prevent giving you unwanted stress and confusion through the day.

Stretch as soon as you wake up. Do the good morning sunshine bit by stretching your arms wide as soon as you wake-up and shake your body awake. If your mind has managed to remove its grogginess do some proper stretches. Stretch your back muscles, spine, legs, neck and arms. This will lessen muscle pain, improve your mood and energize your body.

Walk around your bed or house when you still feel sleepy. Lying in bed will only cause you to fall asleep again and ruin your morning routine. Walking is one of the best ways to shake off sleepiness.

It should be a common morning ritual to drink two glasses of water as soon as you wake up. We spend 6 to 10 hours sleeping without any water, making our body dehydrated in the morning. Starting off your day with two glasses of water will hydrate the body and start up metabolism. Drinking water in the morning will also help you digest better throughout the day and increase circulation in the body.

Wash your face with ice cold water, doing this will surely remove any desire to sleep again. Doing this in the morning will help circulation on the face and moisturize the skin. This will also remove puffiness and exhaustion on the face.

Include protein and fat in your morning meal, eating fat and protein early in the morning will keep you fuller longer and boost energy. It will also prevent unwanted mid- afternoon crashes.

Cold shower in the morning can help boost metabolism, increase oxygen intake, reduce stress, prevent muscle pain and less pressure in the joint areas. Cold water will also make the skin look more moisturize and can make the hair look silky smooth. Yes, I know showering in cold water in the morning is a form of torture, but the health benefits are surely worth it.

Try incorporating these easy rituals in the morning for a healthier day.

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