Most Searched Beauty Questions

There is always a new beauty trend or technique every year. Keeping up with all of it can be difficult. Thankfully, the internet was invented. We can now easily google beauty questions and get answers in an instant. You can search anything from removing skin problems with how to create the latest nail are trending. Turns out, there are beauty questions that are more searched than others. You’d be surprised on which made the list of the most searched beauty question in the world. Here are the top questions and the best answers for each.

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Lip Fillers

Probably one of the most searched and controversial beauty question of 2015 was lip fillers. Made famous by a reality TV and social media starlet, lip fillers have become one of the most searched beauty question. So, what are they exactly? Lip fillers are a temporary way to plump up your lips. It is done adding in fillers onto the lips, this is a lip augmentation procedure that should only be done by a professional. The effects of the procedure can last for six to nine months. This is a safe procedure if done in the right clinic and licensed professional. People that have undergone lip fillers in unsafe and unsanitary places have experienced infections and even permanent damage to their lips.

Removing Gel Polish

One of the most common beauty must have was gel polish. This is a great beauty must have since it is a chip free manicure that can last for weeks. However, a lot of people tend to want to get their gel polish remove after a few weeks when the natural nail starts to grow. But unlike nail polish, gel polish can be a lot harder to remove. Removing it can be irritating and damaging to the nails if done wrong. If it is your first time getting your gel polish removed, it would be ideal to get it professionally detached. Though, if you really want to DIY it. Soak your nails in acetone and use cuticle stick to gently peel it off, making sure that your own nails are not damaged.

Cleaning Loofahs or Cleansing Puffs

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One of the most bacteria laden item in your item besides your toilet and toothbrush is your loofah or cleansing puff. There have been a lot of articles stating how much bacteria one loofah can accumulate in a month. This is often due to the moisture and texture. It is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. However, throwing your it away and buying a new one every month is unrealistic. The best thing you can do to extend the life of your loofahs or cleansing puffs is to make sure to rinse it out completely and leave it to hang and dry every after use. If possible, microwave it for 30 seconds or leave it in boiling hot water to kill the bacteria and dry in a sterile area. However, you still need to throw it away after 6 to 8 months.

Throwing Away Lipsticks After a Cold

Unlike eye infections and mascaras, you can keep your lipstick after a cold. This is because viruses tend to die quickly than bacteria and infections. It is not possible to re-infect yourself again by using the same lipstick you’ve used when you were sick. This is due to your body’s ability to create antibodies to fight off the virus. However, things like strep throat, herpes, cold sores and sore eyes are another story. Throw away any makeup that you’ve used when you got these type of illnesses.

Why Are There Plastic Lids On My Product?

Oftentimes when you buy products in small containers or jars there is a thin plastic lid under the cover. This is not something you should just toss out. This can actually help keep your product last longer and become more effective. This limits the exposure to light and air that can destroy the active ingredients in your makeup or skin care items. So, keep these plastic lids and store your items in cool and dark areas. You can store your eye creams and other cream product in the fridge to help reduce puffiness and prevent it from drying out.

Have you ever searched for any of these beauty questions? Well, we can’t know everything. So, learning about these beauty questions online can save us a lot of time and effort. Just remember that you will always have beauty questions. Understanding the beauty basics can help you understand the possible solution or techniques to solve them. Have we missed a beauty question you’d like to know the answer to? Share it here with us!

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