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Must Have Running Essentials for Beginners

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Since you are a newbie in the running world, you might be wondering what are the essentials needed to keep your running a success. Do not be overwhelmed about the jargons you have been hearing about running. Start right by investing on these basics for running.

Pick the right running pair. This is the most important thing a runner needs.  Running requires a good pair of kicks that provide cushioning and stability that this repetitive action does.  Be keen in choosing the right running shoes. Visit a local running shoe store; try fitting variety of shoes, and run on a treadmill to see how the kicks suit you well.  This will also help the shoe specialist in giving recommendation on what running shoe best suit you.

Wear the proper running apparel. You should wear shirt made of good wicking material as this helps in moving away sweat from your body and dries faster than cotton made shirt. They feel light, cool and comfortable against the skin. You will also need a running shorts, pants, tights or even skirt to pair your running shirt.

Wear proper running undergarment. Wearing a good sports bra is important to arm yourself with irreversible effects of gravity as you run. Once the ligaments around the breasts stretch, there is nothing you can do to shorten them again. Good sports bra provides comfort when you run. Look for high-impact sports bra designed for high-impact activities.

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Choose a comfortable water carrier. Hydration is important to keep you running smoothly. When running, you can lose more than a liter of water an hour through perspiration and this will affect your efficiency if you don’t replace it. Thus, it is necessary to carry a water bottle to help replace the loss fluid. There are various ways to carry your water bottle. Whether you wear a bottle belt, or carry hand-held water bottle, choose the one that won’t affect your running style.

Get a sports watch. If you undergo runner’s training program, a sports watch will come in handy as it will help in knowing your pace and encourage you to run faster. All you need in a sports watch are the following: stopwatch, countdown timer and lap memory.  If you want to know your running progress, this gear is essential so you can measure your pace and see the patterns in your training.  This will also help in identifying your mistakes and correct them for a better run.

Consider getting a heart rate monitor.  A heart rate monitor helps in gauging your runs. It also helps in determining if you should speed up or slow down for the particular session you are doing. This device can aid in reflecting your improving fitness and act as an early warning device if an illness is approaching. Most heart rate monitor will calculate your target training zones and report your heart rate. Meanwhile, top-of-the-line versions can count calories and provide other essential statistics.

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Chew on energy gels or candies. To maintain your fuel during longer runs, try chewing on energy gels or opt for jellybeans or gummy bears to energize your run. Stay away from chocolates because its fat content will not work as well as the sugary candy and can upset your stomach.

Wear lightweight jacket. If you are training under cold or wet weather, wear a lightweight jacket. Choose jacket that is showerproof, highly breathable to give comfort during your runs. Look for a model with plenty of vents built into it and a slim running cut that allows ease in movement without excess fabric getting in the way.

Listen to upbeat music. If you are running using your smartphone, include cool tunes or download upbeat music or your favorite tunes to your mp3 player. Running with some good, upbeat music improves your pace and gives extra edge to keep on going.

Now that you have the essential things for running, enjoy it and embrace its full health benefits. Always remember to run safely to avoid injuries.

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