Must Read: Do Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Really Work?

There are people who would go for all natural supplements than prescribed medication, but does supplement really work? Burns Fat, improves impotency, increase sex drive and strengthen immunity. These are promises you would see plastered all over supplements. Can simple vitamin and supplement really replace medication?

According to experts supplements and vitamins do work, but with a proper usage. Using supplements doesn’t counter an unhealthy lifestyle, like eating a broccoli for lunch doesn’t make smoking a cigarette less unhealthy.

Here are some facts and tips about Supplements:


–      Supplements were not made to replace nutrients from food. It is only there to boost the food nutrients. It is still best to get your needed vitamins and minerals from the food you eat.

–      When the food you eat lack a certain nutrient you need like calcium and vitamin C, supplements come in handy. Taking in supplements can prevent deficiency.

–      Taking a multivitamin can provide you with the required nutrient in your body.

–      Going on a processed, fatty and canned food diet won’t be fixed by supplements. Consuming supplements will be useless as long as you have an unhealthy lifestyle. Make the most of your supplements by eating right and exercising.

–      Don’t consume too much supplements, look at the daily value intake of your supplement. Having too much can cause toxicity.

–      Kids and adults need more potassium, vitamin d and calcium in their system. Taking these supplements and multivitamins can protect the body from deficiency.

–      Women 14 to 50 years old, mostly lack folic acid or iron.

–      Supplements that promise weight loss is only effective with the right diet and lifestyle.

–      Nerve damage can develop from taking in too much folic acid supplements.

–      People over the age of 50 are recommended to take folic acid supplements

–      Pregnant women should avoid excessive vitamin A, this can cause birth defects.

–      Supplements that promise too much are probably not true.

–      Women and men past 50 are low in iron and should consider taking iron supplements.

–      Supplements and vitamins, like medicine should be taken regularly. Create a routine to prevent forgetting taking in your supplements.

Supplements are good for the body, but always consult with a medical professional about taking in supplements or replacing medications with it. Ask about side effects and discuss current medical condition and medication with your doctor too.

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