Must Read: What Your Urine Can Tell About Your Health

The next time you feel the urge to pee, stare down your toilet after. That liquid leaking out of you might be the thing to save your life. No, you don’t have to do anything disgusting like drink it or rub it on your body.

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Thanks to science and technology a new form of testing can now determine health risk in urine. A new age of urine testing is upon us; the days off cancer pee sticks are near. Instead of getting punctured by needles or laying under complicated machinery, you only need to do number one in a cup to determine risk of diabetes and cancer.

Diabetes and cancer aren’t the only diseases that can be determined by this urine testing.
Here are other health related information and risk you can learn from urine.

Blood Clots

To determine blood cloth, medical professionals will need imaging or blood samples. With the help of the new urine testing that won’t be compulsory anymore. Doctors will be able to distinguish blood clots by analyzing the present chemicals in urine. A company will develop a pregnancy test- like device that uses urine to distinguish blood clots and other diseases.

Breast Cancer

Metabolites called pteridines are present in urine, but patients that may have onset or have breast cancer will have a sudden rise of pteridines in their urine. Doing the urine test can distinguish possible tumor growth before they even appear on a mammogram.

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Life Span

It may not be the most accurate way to distinguish your life span, but it can help you extend it. People who have a high risk of kidney disease have high amounts of protein in there pee. People with high amounts of protein in there pee tend to die 7 to 8 years earlier than people who have normal levels. Protein comes in contact with the urine when the damaged kidney couldn’t filter protein from the blood from entering the urine.

Bisphenol A

Urine can tell a lot about a person. Urine can distinguish the nutrients and drugs you are taking. It can also distinguish the toxins your body is filtering out of your system. A chemical found in most urine now a day is BPA or Bisphenol A. This chemical can cause developmental problems, heart diseases and lung problems. BPA is found in coatings of Tupperware, baby’s formula and canned foods.

Colon polyps

Say goodbye to colonoscopy and say hello to urine testing. To determine colon polyps an invasive colonoscopy is done on the patient. Now, a patient may have an option of urine test for colon polyps. This can determine if the patient is positive for colon polyps the easy and cheaper way.

Therapies for cancer and other diseases

Stem cell therapy in the future can be done using urine. Bladder cells can be used to develop new forms of nerve, muscle, bones and other cells. This lowers the risk of rejection too, since the cells will be the coming from the patient’s system.

Imagine the amount of time and money you will save with this new development. The new age has brought us many medical advances in the past few decades. We now have treatments for different form of cancer, prevention of onset diseases and tests that determines possible chronic diseases. Now, we can hold out to a future that determining a possible health risk is just a pee away.

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