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Myth Buster: Drinking Alcohol Results in Liver Cirrhosis

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Drinking alcohol causes liver cirrhosis. Alcoholism can worsen liver cirrhosis. So, with that mind set, if a person never touches even a little alcohol there will be zero percent chance of getting liver cirrhosis. Do you believe this is true?

According to Doctor Col. M. Bhagat the myth and links between alcohol and liver cirrhosis is not as we think. Dr. Bhagat has been a senior consultant in Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute. He has been an active consultant in gastroenterology and he has given us the great opportunity to understand this disease and its myths.

What is Liver Cirrhosis?

Liver cirrhosis happens when the scarring of tissues in the liver and malfunctioning of the filtering ability of the liver cause weakness, bleeding gums, yellow skin, vomiting and weight loss.
Liver cirrhosis can be prevented from getting worse and reverted back to its original health.

Myth: Liver Cirrhosis is caused by alcohol consumption

Busted: No, it does not mean that all patients that suffer from liver cirrhosis have gotten it from consuming alcohol. It can be because they are suffering from other disorders or diseases.

Disorder or Disease that may lead to Liver Cirrhosis:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • People who have fatty liver disease
  • Obesity
  • People who have metabolic disorders
  • Chronic viral hepatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Congenital liver disorder
  • And people who suffer from alcoholism
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If you’re suffer from on or more of this disease, you are in a greater risk of developing liver cirrhosis.

Alcohols Relationship with Liver Cirrhosis

Alcoholic or people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol are more prone to liver cirrhosis. Alcohol when drank in excess can cause multiple health issues like fatty livers, slow metabolites, malnutrition, portal thrombosis and chronic infections like HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

The conclusion:

Alcohol doesn’t entirely causes liver cirrhosis but makes your chances of developing it higher. Liver cirrhosis mostly affects people who suffer from metabolic problems, diabetic, obese and liver disorders. Liver damage/disorders can come from excessive amounts of alcohol. Everybody is prone to getting liver cirrhosis if they are not careful with there health. May you or may not drink alcohol. A little alcohol is healthy but drinking excessively can cause health problems.

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