Natural Remedies for Broken Capillaries

Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in your body, and lots of them can be found just under the topmost layer of your skin. From time to time due to certain reasons, those superficial capillaries may burst, causing the blood in them to escape and collect in the surrounding tissues.

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Definitely, such pooling of the blood can be easily noticed most especially if your complexion is fair. If the breakage of capillaries happens on the face, which is actually a commonplace, keeping it from view can be challenging. More often than not, it can be hard for those red areas to be concealed with makeup.

Worry not if you have broken capillaries as it won’t put your health in danger — those damaged capillaries will eventually heal on their own. The blood that has leaked out of them will soon be absorbed and eliminated by your body, albeit it may take a while for such to be completed.

Needless to say, having broken capillaries most especially on your face is purely a cosmetic issue. Continue reading to know some of the ways that you can speed up the recovery process. Also, later on in this article you will find a handful of tips and tricks to keep broken capillaries from happening.

Home Remedies

-Aloe vera gel. Because it’s rich in vitamin E, regularly massaging a little aloe vera gel on the problem areas can help speed up the disappearance of the red blemishes left behind by broken capillaries. Vitamin E is also a very good strengthener of those capillaries on your face.

-Vitamin E capsule. Worry not if you have no aloe vera in your garden. That’s because you may get the same benefit simply by pricking a vitamin E capsule and daubing the gel within on broken capillaries.

-Vitamin C. It’s a good idea to increase your intake of vitamin C-rich foods. Just like vitamin E, this particular nutrient is important for healing as well as strengthening your capillaries because it encourages the promotion of collagen, which is a part of the structure of the capillaries and the rest of the blood vessels.

-Grapeseed extract. You may also supplement with grapeseed extract which is known to help repair and strengthen capillaries. However, just like when taking any supplement, tell your doctor about it first.

-Cyprus oil. Are you prone to broken capillaries and that’s why you feel less confident most of the time? Then invest in a -bottle of Cyprus oil. Gently massaging it on problem areas is known to help accelerate the healing process as well as make the red blemishes left behind less noticeable.

Preventive Measures

-Be gentle. It’s definitely a good idea to regularly wash your face, exfoliate and remove makeup at bedtime. However, everything should be done gently and carefully. Otherwise, you are risking having capillaries on your face broken, leaving your skin with red blemishes all over it.

-Avoid smoking. One of the many, many reasons why smoking is bad for the health is it damages your blood vessels, and your capillaries are included. If you want to stay looking pretty, ditch smoking.

-Drink alcohol moderately. Did you know that high amounts of alcohol can dilate your blood vessels and even cause your capillaries to burst? That is why you should drink alcohol in moderation. If you glug down too much of it, you may end up with an unflatteringly red face.

-Limit spicy foods. Similarly, you should also minimize your intake of anything that’s spicy as it will boost blood circulation in your face, potentially causing those capillaries to burst.

-Avoid extremes. Last but not least, you should save yourself from exposure to really low temperatures. It’s a good idea to dodge high temperatures as well. See to it that you shield your face from direct sunlight as the UV radiation it gives off can weaken your capillaries, making them prone to getting damaged.

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