Natural Remedies for Bee Sting

Bee sting causes severe pain and extreme swelling. To some, it triggers severe allergic reactions. One fact to keep in mind is to never use tweezers to pull the stinger. Never press it in, too. Instead, use a card or other similar objects to have the stinger scraped out.

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Slice the onion in half. This will make the juices to be released. Apply these juices on the area for at least an hour.

Bee Balm Leaves and Basil Leaves
These can be crushed to make the juices flow. Apply the juice to the affected area. This will result in the reduction of the swelling and the pain.

Using your teeth, crush some leaves and use the juices on the affected area. You can also strip the leaves in half to extract the juice. Apply it on the bee sting and leave it on the skin. It might help people in many ways

Calendula is safe to use as it is common among baby products. Extract the juice by crushing ample supply of this flower. Apply the juice on the sting for relief.

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St. John’s Wort Oil and Bentonite Clay
Mix these ingredients to make a paste. Use the paste on the affected area liberally. The clay is effective in removing the venom out of the affected area and the oil is for the reduction of the pain and the swelling.

Apple Cider Vinegar
This cider is good at drawing the venom out of the body and effective in the reduction of the swelling and the pain. Baking soda is good at drawing the venom out, too.

Garlic Cloves
Known as a great medicinal ingredient, crush a clove of garlic and apply the juices on the sting.

Lavender Oil
This oil is effective for the immediate neutralization of the venom.

These treatments are effective for the immediate treatment of the sting. These ingredients are widely available and are convenient to use. Some possible applications are papaya, parsley, tea bag (moistened) and even toothpaste. Always carry one of these remedies when going outdoors. Bee sting can result to grave effects. Quick remedies for the swelling and pain are needed.

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