Natural Remedies for Blisters

Blisters are nothing short of being bothersome. Foot sores such these affect one’s mobility and productivity. Do not let blisters hinder you from enjoying life. If they do happen, look for one of these things to immediately get relief from this annoyance.

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Salt-Water Soak
Besides softening the skin and reducing the swelling, a salt-water soak is a nice way to remove the dirt and sweat off the feet.

Tea Tree Oil Treatment
Favored by Claire Robinson Vitale, tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties. It is also a highly respected astringent. This property is effective for the drying up of blisters. Be careful with the application as for some, it results to irritation of the skin.

Some claim that a broken egg applied on top of the blister is an effective remedy, at least according to Linda Ahamrowlands.

One common first aid treatment for blisters is the application of toothpaste. It is believed to be the reason for the drying out of inflammation s and wounds on the skin or other conditions such as sores, blisters, and pimples. For those who hold on to this tradition, it is best to choose toothpaste with cinnamon.

Black Tea and Green Tea
Great at soothing blisters, black tea is one beverage effective for the treatment of blisters. Another option is green tea. Some research claims that it has better anti-inflammatory qualities than black tea.

Diaper Rash Cream
With zinc oxide, diaper rash cream can be applied to blisters. Its ingredients suit the treatment of blisters well. They are great at preventing the occurrence of infections and drying out of the area affected, resulting to reduced pain.

Underarm Deodorant
Applying some deodorant on the area where the sandal straps are is an effective preventive measure for the formation of blisters. This is due to the deodorant’s job to hinder the presence of moisture. Blisters become worse when exposed to constant friction and moisture.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Besides soaking the affected area on vinegar, a dab will work, too. With apple cider vinegar’s antibacterial properties, it is a good application to use when the blister pops. Apply it gently on the skin as the vinegar might sting, inducing pain.

These materials will come in handy in the event of blisters. Keep enough amounts of at least three of substances for blisters come without warning.

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